Premiere: Stream Aspy Jones' New Single 'Fast Lane'

Aspy Jones' new single is titled 'Fast Lane'. Aspy Jones' new single is titled 'Fast Lane'.

Laidback, cruisy alt country that quickly breaks out into punchy rock-pop melodies that bounce along at a vibrant pace, emerging singer-songwriter Aspy Jones' newest single is 'Fast Lane'.

A track that examines the different speeds that people live life – some move fast wanting to achieve a lot, while others prefer a relaxed pace to take everything in – Aspy approaches his music from a different perspective having lived with autism and anxiety for the majority of his life.

"All my life I've been told that I dawdle or only have one speed, but I think that we all naturally move through life at different speeds," Aspy says.

"Some people rush through life wanting to achieve as much as possible, and others move much slower and like to take everything in and savour as much as possible.

"I think it's pretty obvious which one I am."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (27 August), scenestr is thrilled to premiere 'Fast Lane' today. Enjoy.

"I recorded the song with award-winner Paulie Bromley and Steve Summers at Yama-Nui Studios," adds Aspy.

"They're so easy to work with and I always love being creative there; it's starting to feel like home.

"My favourite lyric from the song is 'With her heart so close to the ground you can feel the friction burning your ass, as you fly over glass, that’s been left by the last damn car to fly this fast'."

Aspy Jones launches 'Fast Lane' at Solbar (Sunshine Coast) 29 August. He also plays Undercover Artist Festival at Billie Brown Theatre (Brisbane) 18 September, Wolvi Stomp (near Gympie) 16 October and Brolga Theatre (Maryborough) 5 November.



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