Premiere: Stream Anthony Forrest's New Single 'Nasturtiums'

Anthony Forrest's new single is titled 'Nasturtiums'. Anthony Forrest's new single is titled 'Nasturtiums'.

Best known as the frontman and songwriter of Brisbane's cult favourites reggae-dub outfit Kingfisha, Anthony Forrest is now doing the solo artist thing.

Focused on a different kind of groove to Kingfisha, Forrest is exploring a soul-bass tip that's sprinkled in electronic production that emphasises his ethereal vocals that are imbued with a spiritual quality.

After dipping his toe in the water with debut single 'Deepest Love' (a chilled Dope Lemon meets Chet Faker blend), Anthony's next release is 'Nasturtiums'.

A liquified soul-funk beat sails smoothly atop Forrest's delicious vocals, before the song lazily morphs into tranquil yet creamy Arabian-flavoured electronic tones and mesmerising trip-hop styled bass.

"'Nasturtiums' really solidified the sound I was after for this project," Anthony says.

"Incorporating the electronic drums and synthesisers with live horns, vibes and guitar it all seemed to meld together nicely, inspiring many more tunes."

Ahead of its release on Friday (29 July), scenestr is stoked to premiere 'Nasturtiums' today. Enjoy.

The past four years has seen Anthony crafting his new sound, working with West End producer Peet Gardner (So Soap Studios).

"'Nasturtiums' came together when I was feeling emotionally quite flat," adds Anthony.

"I started throwing some lyrics over the latest rhythm I was inspired by, trying to keep them light and positive.

"I took what I had into Peet Gardner at So-Soap Studios and as usual he took it to another level."

Rounding out the project is the live band formation, which consists of two of Brisbane's finest musicians: Joel Alexander [Bullhorn, Dubmarine] bass synth, MPC and synths; and Dave Bell [Kingfisha] drums and samples.

'Nasturtiums' is a delicious taste of what's to come on Anthony's forthcoming album.

Anthony Forrest plays It's Still A Secret (Brisbane) 30 July.



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