Premiere: Stream Annie Joelle's New Single 'Monsters'

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Brisbane-based dark pop artist, Annie Joelle's newest single is titled 'Monsters'. Brisbane-based dark pop artist, Annie Joelle's newest single is titled 'Monsters'.

Originally from Western Australia, Brisbane-based indie pop singer-songwriter Annie Joelle is ready to unleash her third single of 2020.

Following the release of 'Unavailable' and 'I Remember', Annie presents 'Monsters' – the first song she arranged herself that she also says is her most personal track to date.

Teaming with Brisbane producer Maximo, 'Monsters' also features more acoustic elements Annie says is reminiscent of her live performance with her four-piece band.

"'Monsters' is the first song that I've arranged myself, so the track itself feels really personal," admits Annie.

"I wrote 'Monsters' about hiding parts of myself to make others happy. I used to hide so many things about who I was from the people I love and care about the most because they might not approve of my choices, of the way I live my life.

"I felt constantly overwhelmed and I always questioned whether or not I was a good person, with secrets and regrets eating away at my thoughts.

"At the end of 2019 I decided I wasn't going to hide anything from anyone, and if people didn't like me that was their issue.

"This song means so much to me as it marks a time where I started working towards being unapologetically myself."

With 'Monsters' released tomorrow (29 October), scenestr is amped to premiere Annie's newest single today. Enjoy.

"The music and production was significantly influenced by Billie Eilish's 'Everything I Wanted' and Emma Louise's 'Jungle'," adds Annie.

"The song has more acoustic elements than my other tracks, incorporating more of my live show and bands influence. I think the rawer qualities of the track really support the personal content of the lyrics."

Annie Joelle launches 'Monsters' with her band at O'Skulligans (Brisbane) 28 November.



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