Premiere: Stream Action Slacks' Cover Of Powderfinger's 'Waiting For The Sun'

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Action Slacks cover Powderfinger's 'Waiting For The Sun'. Action Slacks cover Powderfinger's 'Waiting For The Sun'.

Brisbane indie act Action Slacks tribute an Aussie icon with their synth-pop rendition of 'Waiting For The Sun' – Powderfinger's classic hit from their 'Odyssey Number Five' record.

While most music fans will be familiar with Powderfinger hits 'My Happiness', 'These Days' (both from 'Odyssey Number Five') and 'Sunsets', 'Waiting For The Sun' is a track any diehard Finger fan will instantly connect with its atmospheric indie rock and Bernard Fanning's iconic vocals.

So even though it's not a mainstream favourite, it's still a daunting task for any band or musician to cover it.

Yet Action Slacks have managed to create a version that not only honours the original but elevates the song to a new level those unfamiliar with Powderfinger could be forgiven for thinking is an original.

With its lush, dreamy synth-pop landscape, Action Slacks have slowed the original tempo adding luminous female lead vocals and introducing '80s pop elements with hypnotic synth-pad layers that bloom with dramatic drums and vast, capacious vocal stacks.

"'Waiting For The Sun is one of my favourite Powderfinger songs," band member Rich says.

"'Odyssey Number Five' is a fantastic album with some of their most well-known tracks, but 'Waiting For The Sun' is so dreamy and atmospheric.

"I'm stoked to be covering this song and can't help but sing-along whenever we play it."

Ahead of the song's release on Friday (12 November), scenestr is thrilled to premiere Action Slacks' 'Waiting For The Sun' today. Enjoy.

Adds Maddy: "This cover was so much fun to make – before we decided to cover it I was not super familiar with this song, but it's actually become one of my favourite songs as of now.

"I'm so excited about how the song turned out; it pays homage to this amazing song from an incredible Brisbane band, but we have put our own Action Slacks spin on it.

"Can't wait for it to be officially out in the world."



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