Pandemonium Still Set To Rock Amid Media Confusion

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Pandemonium Rocks is still set to go ahead in April amid a maelstrom of a media-induced misinformation.

Bastion of low-rent reportage, The Daily Mail, proclaims the festival has been cancelled, citing as its only source a link to Channel Nine's generic landing page which has no mention of the cancellation. Channel Nine News (television) broadcast a short segment on Thursday – also without citing any sources supporting its claim.

The team behind Pandemonium Rocks have issued a statement denying the rumours and styling them as "reckless reporting, and the wilful proliferation of misinformation". They also "temporarily" turned off comments on social media platforms and have promised "more news next week".

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The full statement reads:

We're turning comments off. Here's why:

Due to reckless reporting, and the wilful proliferation of misinformation, rumours and conspiracy surrounding the festival, we are turning comments off on our social media (for now).

Putting on a multi-city festival of this scale and calibre is no small feat, and the Pandemonium festival team has spent months putting their blood sweat and tears into creating a truly once in a lifetime experience that reaffirms Australia as a top tier music destination on the international tour schedule, in what is an incredibly difficult market.

It is our responsibility to our team, our artists and most importantly, the fans, to provide the best event we can in the safest way possible, and we do not take this responsibility lightly. As we have seen in the last few months, Australian music festivals are an increasingly rare breed, so we will not tolerate abuse, gossip and rumour to be traded as fact, especially when so many livelihoods are at stake.

We will have more news next week, but be assured - Pandemonium WILL ROCK!

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