Pale Waves Share Another Single From Their Forthcoming New Album 'Who Am I?'

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Pale Waves new studio album, 'Who Am I?', is due to be released 12 February, 2021. Pale Waves new studio album, 'Who Am I?', is due to be released 12 February, 2021.

UK alternative rockers Pale Waves have shared a third song from their forthcoming second studio album, 'Who Am I?'.

A song about those moments when love makes your world easier to live in, 'Easy' finds lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie embracing her love of gothic, medieval aesthetics with a video clip that features her in a black wedding dress.

"'Easy' is a song about how love can change your whole entire perspective on life itself. It's saying 'being in love with you is so easy, you finally make sense in my life because nothing did before'."

When it came to inspiration for the music video's creative direction, Heather admits American film director Tim Burton was a major drawcard. "I wore a wedding dress throughout and we shot the video in an old abandoned church.

"I'm really inspired by the gothic medieval aesthetic and at the time I was thinking of the video I was watching a lot of Tim Burton films whose creativity really inspires me."

With lyrics that inspire inclusivity, self-discovery, and the notion of being whoever the hell you want to be, 'Who Am I?' was recorded primarily in Los Angeles alongside producer Rich Costey (Muse, Foo Fighters), before coronavirus lockdowns forced the making of the album to go virtual.

'Who Am I?' will be released 12 February, 2021. Pre-order it.

'Who Am I?' – Tracklisting

1. Change
2. Fall To Pieces
3. She's My Religion
4. Easy
5. Wish U Were Here
6. Tomorrow
7. You Don't Own Me
8. I Just Needed You
9. Odd Ones Out
10. Run To
11. Who Am I?



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