Out Of Abingdon @ Brisbane Jazz Club Review

  • Written by  Kit Kriewaldt
  • Monday, 20 July 2015 12:43
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Out Of Abingdon Out Of Abingdon

Out Of Abingdon is perfect, Sunday night listening.

Last night's (19 July) show at the Brisbane Jazz Club ended with a special request. "I'd like to ask you a favour: no high fives, yelling, or wheelies in the carpark on the way out, okay?" If ever an audience didn't need to be warned about being too loud, it was this one.

Three sets of Tina Fullerton and Warwick Hargreaves' laidback double bass and guitar combination had the room completely relaxed. If the mood had been any more mellow, the audience would have been lying down.

The duo controlled the energy of the evening perfectly. The first set was an invitation to get comfortable, including a smooth, just-recognisable interpretation of 'My Favourite Things' from 'The Sound Of Music'. A jazz protest song about the fate of the Great Barrier Reef was a reminder that music doesn't need anger to be passionate.

Things speed up during set two, building to one of the show's true high points: 'Three Piece Suit'. This delightful duet about two people learning to tango showcased Out Of Abingdon's musical talents as well as their playful sense of humour. It was a crowd favourite, and the band knew it.

Fullerton and Hargreaves had an easy rapport with an eclectic audience. Their younger fans had diverse tastes – one, young boy wore a suit, tie, and hat, while another skulked about the room in a hoodie.

The band's warm engagement with listeners made unfamiliar songs feel like old favourites while Fullerton and Hargreaves feel like old friends. From an inventive Kylie Minogue cover, the driving groove of the third set led into an impressive scat duet.

Like all the best live acts, Out Of Abingdon saved something special for last. 'Goodnight', a jazzy lullaby, cast its spell so successfully that getting up to leave seemed impossible.

Luckily, an encore was called for. 'She Don't Love Me' was upbeat enough to leave listeners with the energy to get to their cars, and catchy enough to give them something to hum on the way home.

This show was a farewell celebration for the duo, who are heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival next month. It's a well deserved trip for them but, for this reviewer, they can't come home soon enough.


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