Our Last Enemy Return To The Land Of Touring

  • Written by  Penelope Pelecas
  • Tuesday, 26 September 2017 11:07
Our Last Enemy Our Last Enemy

After a year away from touring, Sydney industrial metal band Our Last Enemy are “pumped” to return to the road in October.

“We are really pumped,” the group's vocalist Oliver Fogwell says. “It’s actually been over a year since our last tour, so we’re pretty keen to get back on the road.”

With the band's name inspired by a biblical quote, Our Last Enemy will be sharing new material from their recent album. “Our Last Enemy represents the duality of life and death. It can mean death itself, which can be a negative thing, and also symbolise rebirth, which is positive.”

Our Last Enemy have recently welcomed a new drummer, Frankie. “Frankie has brought another level to the band; he is professional, a great player and brings a lot of energy,” Oliver says.

Our Last Enemy’s other members consist of Matt Heywood (bass) and Bryce 'Bizz' Bernius (guitar). But Brisbane guitarist Wade (Face Of Mutiny, Candypain) will be filling in for Bizz during the national tour.

As well as this, Our Last Enemy is set to release a cover of ‘Spitfire’ by The Prodigy. “During our last tour, every time we played this cover we got a good response. It’s really cool doing a heavy version of an electronic song.”

To say thank you, fans will be able to download ‘Spitfire’ for free. “It’s going to be a free download that we are going to offer to people just to say thanks for sticking around, here is a taste of something that is coming.”

Our Last Enemy history can be traced back to 2006. “Before Our Last Enemy, I was in the band Anxiety Whispers… we basically all came from different bands that had recently folded at the same time. I met Matt and Jeff [previous band member] through a mutual friend and it just went from there,” Oliver says.

Our Last Enemy’s music is dark and heavy completed with grinding guitars and shrieking synth-lines. “Our sound is industrial metal, heavy guitars and heavy vocals, however we also add keyboards and electronics in there, which gives it that industrial vibe.

“A lot of the riffs have a groove to them; you can head bang along and dance along too… there is definitely themes of death, rebirth and gothic elements to it.”

Throughout the years, the band has achieved a number of accomplishments. Their last album, ‘Fallen Empires’, reached number one on the iTunes Metal Chart, while their song ’10,000 Headless Horses’ was featured in the 'Rock Band' video game. “That was surreal, we couldn’t believe it,” Oliver says.

“We keep finding videos of people playing along to our song, being uploaded on YouTube.”

Our Last Enemy have supported international artists including Static-X, Dope, Fozzy, Mnemic and Hanzeul Und Gretyl. “It’s great playing beside international artists… it gives you a chance to play in front of a much bigger crowd and it’s great exposure.”

After their current tour, Our Last Enemy have international plans. “Once we release the album, we want to release the album again through our American label and then potentially head over to the States and do a tour.”

Our Last Enemy Shows

Fri 6 Oct – New Globe Theatre (Brisbane)
Fri 13 Oct – The Chippo Hotel (Sydney)
Sat 21 Oct – The Workers Club (Melbourne)
Fri 27 Oct – The Basement (Canberra)
Sat 28 Oct – Gilkisons (Perth)



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