OMG... Flume Just Dropped An Excellent Remix Of Eiffel 65's 'Blue'... Totally Serious

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Flume remixes Eiffel 65's 'Blue'. Flume remixes Eiffel 65's 'Blue'.

If ever a song needed a Flume re-rub, it was Eiffel 65's 'Blue'. I actually didn't know that till hearing Flume's actual remix of 'Blue'.

Oh. My. God. '90s memories triggered. Booyah!

For anyone who lived through the late '90s phenomenon that was 'Blue', just be thankful. The #1 hit from Italian group Eiffel 65 was everywhere, and it wasn't pleasant. Trust.

Luckily, Flume has remedied the original European piano house, electro-pop style with techy, dubstep-flavoured bass and a washed-out finale that almost makes the track unrecognisable till those final iconic piano stabs re-enter.

Thank you Flume. I can't stop hitting repeat. Serious.



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