Interview: Nine Sons Of Dan’s Wrecking Ball

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  • Thursday, 03 July 2014 10:07
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Nine Sons Of Dan’s newest song, ‘Wrecking Ball’, is actually about an escort.

Lead vocalist Jay Bainbridge explains the track was written when the band's bass player found out his girlfriend was actually an escort. Not to be confused with the Miley Cyrus song, 'Wrecking Ball' is a bit of a revenge song, and the lyrics even state that “punishment for sleeping around is know this is about you”.

“It was pretty heavy, it was a really heavy time for him,” Jay says. “He caught her out, and I was hanging with him when that happened. It was one of the most bizarre and uncomfortable things I've ever seen. So I thought that would be worthy of a song, so I wrote about that.”

'Wrecking Ball' is the first track on their newly released third EP, 'Follow The Blood'. Jay, who did the majority of songwriting for this album, says that though he tries to personalise his music, he loves to pick the brains of his band members when something interesting happens in their lives. “There's songs about my personal life... stuff like going away on tour and missing my family and home... I try to write as personally as I can, but if there is something that is pretty amazing or pretty bad that happens in one of the band member’s lives, I'll usually try to write something about it.”

When it comes to writing songs, Jay loves a challenge. He compares songwriting to putting together a puzzle. “There's lot's of different pieces and when you get it right it feels really good. You finally see... how it comes together. I love doing lyrics as well. It really challenges me because I'm actually dyslexic. I have a lot of trouble with my spelling and reading and writing, but it's actually fun for me to do storytelling and work on writing really good lyrics.”

Nine Sons Of Dan are currently touring eastern Australia. “In a good way or a bad way I like to stir [the crowd up] a little bit. If it's quiet I enjoy that even more because it pushes me to be a little bit more outrageous and a little bit crazier just to get past that awkward fear of having a quiet room.”

Nine Sons Of Dan Tour Dates

Thu Jul 3 - Snitch (Brisbane)
Sat Jul 5 - Racehorse Tavern (Ipswich)
Sun Jul 6 - Swingin’ Safari (Gold Coast)



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