New Campaign All Artist Access Improving Access To Music Industry For Musicians Living With A Disability

Rudely Interrupted are helping drive the All Artist Access campaign.
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All Artist Access (AAA) is a campaign directed at improving access to the music industry for musicians living with a disability.

The campaign specifically focuses on building an inclusive music industry that provides equal opportunities for musicians living with a disability to perform. Jumping on board to help promote to programme is Melbourne indie rockers Rudely Interrupted.

Click here to read our 2017 interview with Rudely Interrupted.

“Our All Artist Access (AAA) campaign is about removing stereotypes that come with being an artist living with a disability,” event access consultant and AAA campaigner Dina Bassile says.

"With the help of Rudely Interrupted, we are accessing the point of view of a band living with disabilities in the music industry, and removing the stigma. If you love music as much as we do, then you’ll understand that the opportunity to perform should be open to everyone. The tagline for our campaign is 'Perspective Is Everything'. We believe everyone deserves equal opportunity."

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