MOSAIC Multicultural Festival Celebrates Queensland's Artistic Diversity

MOSAIC Multicultural Festival is on at Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane this October.
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Multicultural Development Australia (MDA) aims to embrace cultural contributions made by Queenslanders at the MOSAIC Multicultural Festival.

With 10,000 people attending the event previously, MOSAIC offers festival goers the opportunity to travel the world in a day, fusing traditional art, music, dance, exhibitions, food, and entertainment.

Programme highlights include It's Who We Are – a music, spoken word, photo and art exhibition; Info-Hive, a cafe emporium aiming to facilitate diverse collaborations; Rock Around The Wok, featuring diverse cooking demonstrations, dancing, and stories; and world music and dance at The Lake and Celebration Stages.

The fun doesn't stop with those programme highlights, however. A series of notable artists will flood the event showcasing a range of talents and providing some super multicultural experiences. The Mad Mariachi will headline MOSAIC, bringing a unique blend of Mexican, Latin, jazz, and western pop. They'll grace the stage with big hats and even bigger hearts.

The Nunukul Yuggera Indigenous Dance Group have performed at many MDA events and Queensland Multicultural Festivals over the years, and they'll be adding MOSAIC 2019 to their list of experiences, where they'll bring a compelling sense of ritual and passionate energy.

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Tibetan singer and musician Tenzin Choegyal's unique vocal stylings are recognised internationally. He's also skilled at the Tibetan 'Dranyen' lute, which accompanies his voice as he sings in the Tibetan nomadic tradition, much of which he acquired at a young age from his mother.

Dance has an important impact on our cultural diversity. Queensland World Dance Academy strongly believes in this and work to combine western and eastern styles of dance in their performances.

Based in Brisbane, the Bolivia Marka Dancers are known for their highly energetic dances and colourful costumes. Fearless leader Jaime Moscoso founded the group, who pride themselves on recreating the atmosphere of the annual Oruro Carnival. These dancers have featured in many Australian festivals including Woodford and the Queensland Multicultural Festival, as well as performing regularly for MDA's Luminous Lantern Parade.

Ska and reggae will take centre stage with the Sunny Coast Rude Boys. Led by Michael Hughes, originally from the north of England on guitar and voice, these guys are keen to get feet moving and hearts beating.

Sásta (it means 'happy' in Irish!) is made up of multi-instrumentalists and has supported international folk acts Aslan, Mundy, Damien Dempsey, Sharon Shannon, and even Shane McGowan's band The Popes. They'll have audiences up and dancing in no time at all.

Renowned names such as Anisa Nandaula (spoken word), Valeria Zavyalova (visual) and Matt Tsu (instrumental) join the ranks as featured artists too. Time for some culture.

MOSAIC Multicultural Festival takes place at Roma Street Parkland (Brisbane) 13 October.

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