Monsoon Moon Share 5 Ways To Loan (Not Own) A Dog

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'Just Friends' is the debut single from Shaun Pickett's new project Monsoon Moon. 'Just Friends' is the debut single from Shaun Pickett's new project Monsoon Moon.

After wrapping up his previous project Command Q (with Lou Harvey) in 2017, Monsoon Moon (aka Shaun Pickett) presents a new facet of his artistry.

His debut single 'Just Friends' was a collaboration with Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe, Meg Mac, Dustin Tebbutt) at Melbourne's Deluxe SRS Studios; Monsoon Moon handled the mixing and mastering of the single himself back home in Perth at Digital Bath Studios.

'Just Friends' is a wicked cut of indie-electronic in the same vein as Everything Everything and alt-j. “I was once wildly in love, and like every love-drunk musician before me, I had the original idea of writing a song for my lover,” Shaun says.

“But, like most good things, our love didn't last and I was left with an unfinished song and a healthy plate of regret. The song was now a lie! I started to think 'wouldn't it have been better if we never got together in the first place? Why couldn't we have stayed 'Just Friends'?”

Here, Shaun lists a few ways you can become a dog owner without being a dog owner. “Having recently found myself a girlfriend, I’m regularly confronted by her insatiable desire to own a cuddly dog.

“Since I'm not ready to own a doggo, I'm finding a compromise and borrowing other people's dogs. Here’s a sure-fire list to con even the most protective dog owners into releasing their best friend.”

1: Ego boost

Let’s face it, every pet owner is under the delusion their pet is somehow special. If you want to borrow their dog, make sure they know just how special their good boy is. Repeating phrases like “oaaawwwh” and “who's a good boy” are classics. The dog will also like to know how he/ she is special. Win-win.

2: Do your research

Is there park nearby? Is it dog friendly? Memorise the name of that park and effortlessly pull it out in conversation with the owners. Boom!

3: Be confident

Owners can smell a phoney. Act like dogs are second nature. You’re not bothered by malted hair, dog poo or loud borking. You’ve done it all before. If you’re scared your confidence isn’t holding up, let the dog lick your face and don’t show your natural disgust. Pull that off and you will be unstoppable.

4: Back story

You love dogs, but you can't have your own. That’s why you take your neighbour’s doggo for walks every day and visit the animal shelter on the weekends. Whatever you need to say, sell it!

5: Bring over a doggie treat

Owners love treats too, so it doesn’t hurt to throw in a jam donut while you’re at it. It shows you have more than just a superficial connection with the animal; you’re nurturing and caring.

'Just Friends' is available now.



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