Melbourne Pop-Punks Terra Explore Their Acoustic Side With New EP 'Into Deep Blue'

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Melbourne pop-punks Terra have released an acoustic EP titled 'Into Deep Blue'. Melbourne pop-punks Terra have released an acoustic EP titled 'Into Deep Blue'.

Last month, Melbourne pop-punks Terra released a three-track EP – 'Into Deep Blue' – of stripped-back, acoustic songs including their new single ‘Song For Maddie’.

The move to showcase a softer, more mellow side to the group has been inspired by the likes of The Story So Far and also hints at the Terra’s writing style moving forward.

We check in with the band about the ‘Into Deep Blue’ release, their own adventures at UNIFY Gathering back in January, and how they’re coping not being able to perform to live audiences during lockdown.

Tell us a bit about your new single ‘Song For Maddie’, which the press release describes as ‘deeply emotional’?
‘Song For Maddie’ is written from a personal place, but is dedicated to anyone going through a rough time. It's intended to send a message of hope to anyone struggling with their mental health or who are in hard circumstances.

Lyrical inspirations behind ‘Songs For Maddie’; what subjects did you want to explore with this release?
Lyrically this song plays on the metaphor of feeling like you're drowning when struggling with mental health, and just trying to keep your head above water. We wanted to bring a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ lyrically in the final chorus of the song with a variation in the lyrics with a hopeful message.

This song features alongside two previously released tracks on your ‘Into Deep Blue’ stripped-back EP; how do these three songs showcase the current vibe, sound of Terra?
Although this stripped-back style isn't what we’re used to, we feel like in lots of ways these arrangements reflect the new writing style of the next release. Hopefully you will be able to recognise parts of this EP and ‘Wasted Days’ in the next release, alongside everything new.

Being a pop-punk band, were there any doubts about releasing an EP of stripped-back songs?
We didn’t feel this was very outside of the genre, since a lot of bands have seen success with great acoustic versions of their tracks, and as listeners we are always excited to hear acoustic arrangements of our pop-punk faves. We took inspiration from bands like The Story So Far, whose acoustic versions can very much stand on their own.

On the flipside, you have an opportunity to expand your audience beyond the traditional pop-punk scene, right, with this release?
Exactly. We feel this release has a little something for everyone, and that the music can speak for itself regardless of people's views of genre.

Were these three songs initially recorded to be part of an EP or did they evolve differently?
This release evolved around ‘Song For Maddie’, which was a song we wrote on the road and started integrating into our live show. The other tracks felt like a natural extension of that song, so it felt right to add them as well.

Are there plans for more releases in 2020, maybe an album?
Circumstances permitting, you should keep an eye out later in the year for something we can’t wait to share.

It must seem like an age ago, but how were your adventures – on and off stage – at UNIFY Gathering in January?
We felt so lucky to be a part of the festival despite the challenging weather, and we hope as the first band of the AM/PM pre-show we kicked it off with a bang. We did our bit emptying a few cans and picking up even more, danced and partied with our friends and so much more. We all look back very fondly on that weekend.

What was the best back-stage moment you experienced at UNIFY?
I think we’d all agree that there was a moment before we got on stage where we were all like “is this really happening?”. UNIFY has been a big goal of ours and it felt surreal to be moments away from achieving that goal; we felt really proud in that moment.

You must be jumping out of your skin to get on stage and perform to a live audience; how are you coping without being able to perform?
This time has allowed us all to focus on ourselves, something that can get a bit neglected in a busy band life. That being said, I think we are all itching to get back to doing shows and enjoying each other's company more.

While in lockdown, have you picked up or learned any new skills?
A few of us are studying various degrees including education and yoga, or preparing to go into further studies next year.

The first half of 2020 has simply being unbelievable… how do you predict the second half of this year will unfold?
Hopefully, we can remember the sense of community we had during this season’s bushfires and come together to get everyone back on track, especially the more vulnerable members of our society.

If we were coming over to your place, what would you cook us?
Cassie’s AMAZING vegan minestrone or literally anything by Sean’s wife Stef.

No matter the expense, send me a case of?
Literally anything, and if we don’t like it then Handley will drink it.

The last time I saw the inside of a gym was?
Well before lockdown (especially Joey).

What's the one chore you dislike the most?
Cleaning our rooms.

Do you have any phobias?
I think we’re all not a fan of spiders. When Sean was 10, he woke up to a rather agitated huntsman spider on his pillow. Cassie is pretty much afraid of everything under the sun and will literally run away screaming from bees.

Anything else you’d like to add?
We hope everyone is staying safe and looking after one another in these unprecedented times! And a HUGE thank you to everyone for the support with our recent release of ‘Into Deep Blue’. We can't wait to hit the stage with you all in the future. Much love.



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