Meet The Reigning 2019 Australian DMC DJ Champion Wallzee

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DJ Wallzee is the defending, 2019 Australian DMC DJ Champion. DJ Wallzee is the defending, 2019 Australian DMC DJ Champion.

The reigning Australian DMC DJ Champion, Victoria's DJ Wallzee is ready to defend his 2019 championship.

What does it mean to be a finalist in the 2020 Australian DMC DJ Championships?
It's a weird feeling prepping for a digital battle. I wanted to defend MY TITLE at a venue in front of a crowd but hey, I gotta play the hand I'm given.

The creative and practical aspects of your championship video set; how's it all coming together?
My set has come along way in the last few months, lots of trial and error and hours on hours of recording trying to get that one take.

Describe your championship video set in six words?
I can do it in five: NOT TO BE F...ED WITH!

How many hours/ days have you put aside to practice your routine; and biggest sacrifice you've had to make to maintain that focus?
Off-season is one to two hours a day; battle season, anywhere from four to eight hours a day.

Who has been the biggest influence re: your own scratching techniques?
My 2 biggest influences are Staen 1 and IE Merge. Aggressive, technical and staunch as f...!

When you're not home practising your turntable skills, where can we find you DJing when COVID allows it?
I have a monthly residency on PBSFM's hip hop show on Monday nights called Hippopotamus Rex, other then that my main caper is DJing for hip hop crews like Ill Format, Hired Goons and Kings Konekted.

Don't get ahead of yourself; from the other finalists, who’s your pick to be crowned Australian champion?
If it ain't me, it'll be either Max Best, J-Red or The Abbott.

You're at a party and someone asks what exactly turntablism is, how do you respond?
Turntable boxing, then hand them a video of the first X-men vs ISP battle.

The Australian finalists will each upload a new, four-minute set by 15 October (national finals streamed on 18 October), with the national winner announced on 25 October. The global DMC champion will be crowned 30 November.

Wallzee has also selected his top 5 Aussie battlers of all time.

Staen 1

THE DON! My number one influence in the whole DJ community. Best battler Australia has ever produced imo. Doesn't get nearly the respect he deserves.


Dexter proved that you don't have to follow what the rest of the pack is doing to stand out and make your mark; I took a lot of inspiration from him in developing my 2019 'Korn' routine.


Took the push/ pull juggle patterns to another dimension and dropped one of my favourite mixtapes of all time, 'Say No To 4 Tracks'.


The definition of perseverance and discipline, not just in DJ battles but in life. Incredible turntablist and sensational bloke. I would have thrown in the towel in 2016 if it wasn't for him.


What can I say. . . the reason I started DJing, the reason I took battling seriously, and the reason I wanted to cut on hip hop records. His influence on myself and the entire Australian battle community is undeniable.



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