Meet The 2020 Australian DMC Finalists: Yoshidog

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Yoshidog is one of the ten finalists in the 2020 Australian DMC Championships. Yoshidog is one of the ten finalists in the 2020 Australian DMC Championships.

Brisbane resident and Japanese native, Yoshidog is one of ten finalists in the 2020 Australian DMC DJ Championships.

Yoshidog was exposed to the turntables for first time in 2008 at his senpai, DJ Kento's house in Japan. Kento had just returned from a holiday in Brisbane and informed Yoshi about the lively electronic music scene there.

As soon as Yoshidog's hands touched the decks he was hooked and started regular tutoring, lessons and jam sessions with his mentor.

The tunes that first pricked Yoshidog's ears and formulated his roots were ghetto funk, funky breaks and glitch hop.

In 2012, Yoshidog moved to Brisbane to connect with the "scene" he had heard so much about. Fast forward to 2016, Yoshidog was introduced to DJ Sheep who helped him delve deeper into turntablism, diggin' and the lost arts of hip hop.

Yoshidog has since released two volumes of his mix series 'Jazz Digga' via the Bulletproof Crates imprint.

Yoshidog alongside DJ Sheep officially reformed the Terntable Jediz this year. Yoshidog has been a resident DJ at Rumpus Room since 2015 and supported the likes of JFB, A-Skillz, Slynk and DJ Yoda.

What does it mean to be a finalist in the 2020 Australian DMC DJ Championships?
It's an opportunity to finally show my skills to the greater public.

The creative and practical aspects of your championship video set; how’s it all coming together?
I just dig in the crates and create.

Describe your championship video set in six words?
Let my skills do the talking.

How many hours/ days have you put aside to practice your routine; and biggest sacrifice you've had to make to maintain that focus?
Six hours daily. The most time-consuming part is perfecting and practising new scratch techniques.

Who has been the biggest influence re: your own scratching techniques?
Miyajima, scratch DJ from Japan.

When you're not home practising your turntable skills, where can we find you DJing when COVID allows it?
Rumpus Room (Brisbane).

Don't get ahead of yourself; from the other finalists, who’s your pick to be crowned Australian champion?
No Comment.

You're at a party and someone asks what exactly turntablism is, how do you respond?
Google it.

To watch Yoshidog's routine and comment, visit the official DMC page.

The Australian finalists will each upload a new, four-minute set by 15 October (national finals streamed on 18 October), with the national winner announced on 25 October. The global DMC champion will be crowned 30 November.



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