Meet The 2020 Australian DMC Finalists: Mizhap

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Mizhap is one of the ten finalists in the 2020 Australian DMC Championships. Mizhap is one of the ten finalists in the 2020 Australian DMC Championships.

A regular headliner for RnB Fridays Club in WA, Mizhap has been DJing since 2013.

After placing third in the WA DMC DJ Championships last year, Mizhap is one of the ten finalists in the 2020 Australian DMC Dj Championships.

What does it mean to be a finalist in the 2020 Australian DMC DJ Championships?
It means hard work pays off. It cements the belief that if you truly want something, if you really believe you can achieve something, and you work relentlessly for it; you will get it. It's a reminder to myself that I can do this stuff. And others, too.

The creative and practical aspects of your championship video set; how's it all coming together?
I would say well. . . I received some really helpful and constructive feedback after the first round and it's definitely helped with the makings of the Championship routine. I'm feeling much more confident with what needs to be done this time around.

Describe your championship video set in six words?
Precise and energised like a stallion.

How many hours/ days have you put aside to practice your routine; and biggest sacrifice you’ve had to make to maintain that focus?

Most of my time has been spent thinking about the routine or working on it, really (since finding out the battle dates).

The time spent has really varied though, depending on how many sets I have on that week that I'm needing to devote my time to (in terms of getting prepared, performing and rest).

The biggest thing that failed me in the first round was my lack of confidence so, I've just been keeping that in mind and making sure to practice with confidence. It's changing a lot of things

The biggest sacrifice I've had to make to maintain that focus honestly is just time, and making sure my time is devoted appropriately to the goal.

Who has been the biggest influence re: your own scratching techniques?
Most of the way I scratch and the techniques I use for scratching have been developed through club sets and live performances, or from scratch jams/ barbies with the crew when we used to have them.

But in terms of outside influence, I would have to say Bastid or Q for this one. I love a good day off chilling at home with Q and practising via the Do-It-Yourself videos (if you haven't chilled with Q yet, you really need to; it's a good experience) and I'm always checking Bastid's IG for new content. They make it look real easy, and real fun, you know?

When you're not home practising your turntable skills, where can we find you DJing when COVID allows it?
I'm currently mainly working residencies, which is awesome. I absolutely love getting to perform at these venues due to the culture there and the amazing teams I get to work with.

Fridays I'll be spinning at Northbridge Brewing Co. Saturdays or game days are at The Camfield and Sundays I'll normally be spinning early afternoon at Henry Summer in Northbridge and doing the late shift at The Peach Pit Bar in Scarborough. I think I really lucked out in the fact they are all such great places to work. AND they all sell food and coffee ?

Don't get ahead of yourself; from the other finalists, who’s your pick to be crowned Australian champion?
I think I'd have to go with ZAH or Yoshi.... they've definitely got some stuff going on with the juggles. I'm a sucker for those. But anyone could take it home. Looking forward to the battle.

You're at a party and someone asks what exactly turntablism is, how do you respond?
The manipulation of records to create something brand new/ completely different.

To watch Mizhap's routine and comment, visit the official DMC page.

The Australian finalists will each upload a new, four-minute set by 15 October (national finals streamed on 18 October), with the national winner announced on 25 October. The global DMC champion will be crowned 30 November.



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