Loop The Loop: Adam Page And Gene Peterson 'Insult' Each Other Ahead Of Their Musical Battle

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Loop The Loop features Gene Peterson (left) and Adam Page. Loop The Loop features Gene Peterson (left) and Adam Page.

An immersive, highly combative show that's akin to a musical battle set in a boxing ring, a couple of veteran musicians will tangle at QPAC's Cremorne Theatre (in Brisbane) next week when Gene Peterson (red corner) and Adam Page (blue corner) touch gloves – musical mayhem (and plenty of LOLs) is guaranteed.

Both highly decorated producers, Adam is an acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, composer, music educator and record producer while Gene is a virtuosic percussionist and exceptional pianist we once dubbed 'The Michael Jordan of the percussion world'.

'Loop The Loop' will see the pair not only blow audiences away with their world-class musicianship, but also perform music made from toys, Adam's beard, kitchen utensils and whatever vegetables they found in the fridge that morning!

Ahead of the shows next week (19-21 May), we asked Gene and Adam to interview each other.

The lads good-natured banter (we think!) goes next level and provides a little insight – and a whole lotta sass – you can expect from both performers when they take to the stage for 'Loop The Loop'. The competitive energy is off the charts!

Adam interviews Gene

Gene, you are a celebrated percussionist. You hit things. After performing with me is 'rock bottom' the hardest thing you've ever hit?
Not after. . . during. Performing with you IS hitting rock bottom. I'm certainly grateful to have toured the world with some truly incredible musicians, and sometimes I wonder how it's possible I managed to live such a dream career. . . and then we tour together and I get a reality check.

On the plus side, working with you makes me appreciate all the other fantastic opportunities I have even more!

You are also the creator of the worldwide smash hit 360 Allstars, a 'supercharged urban circus' featuring extreme sports athletes who do a lot of spinning. Did you decide to use these kinds of athletes so that their dizziness ultimately masks your musical ineptitude?
Keep dreaming! You're just jealous I get to work with actual professionals.

They're certainly phenomenal artists and it's an honour to collaborate with true pioneers of their art forms. . . a stark contrast from 'Loop The Loop', where I have to carry the show each night.


In 'Loop The Loop' you make music from kids toys. Are you using these to win support from families in the audience or do you actually think it's a musically legitimate addition to the show? Like, actually?
I think it's important to create music that is relatable to audiences of all ages.

By making music from household items, people can delight in seeing inanimate objects they recognise brought to life, whether it's kids toys or vegetables or anything else. It's a nice contrast from the instrumental musicianship displayed in the show. . . and certainly refreshing for audiences after you've put them to sleep with a six-minute saxophone solo.

This show is a musical battle set in a boxing ring. Does this style of performance change the way you play or do you always sound desperate?
Not really. Perhaps if I had a more worthy opponent it would force me to dig deeper and approach the show with a new level of tenacity.

But as it stands, I'm quite happy to coast through cool, calm and collected, and take an easy victory without having to push too hard. If anything, the fact that 'Loop The Loop' is a musical battle, facilitates the joy of winning. . . repeatedly, each night. It's a fantastic feeling and I really hope you get to experience it one day.

When you see (and hear) my 'Beard', what kinds of feelings and emotions do you experience? Fear, envy. . . passion?
Nothing but love bro. Your beard is beautiful. It doesn't matter if you're crap at music, or a bore to hang out with. That beard is glorious and I wouldn't dare insult it. It won't save you though. Beard or not, you're going down Page!

Gene interviews Adam

Adam, you play loads of instruments. Have you ever counted how many? And how is it possible that with such incredible musicianship, you still can't beat me, a humble drummer?
Not sure what rock you've been hiding under Gene, but I can count on one hand how many times you've allegedly beaten me. . . while playing instruments with the other – because I'm that awesome.

In terms of how many instruments I play, does it really matter? It certainly doesn't to the multitude of companies that keep sending me free gear due to the overwhelming marketing potential they gain from a repeat winner such as myself effortlessly sprinkling my musical mastery all over your face every night.

Your 'Beard' is majestic. Is it like Samson's locks? Does it hold the secret to your musical prowess? When did you first start using it as an instrument, and what was the creative process there?
It indeed holds majestic properties. To be honest, I prefer to not talk about its musical origins as it is akin to waking a sleeping dragon.

As soon as I evoke such energy the 'Beard' overtakes me, it overwhelms my every move, it annihilates all in its pubey path. . . and I have to go to the library today.

What part of the show do you love performing the most? And which part do you hate the most?
I really like the part just as the curtain goes down and I mop you up off the floor. I really dislike the part just as the curtain goes up because deep down I feel empathy and compassion for you, and all the various humiliations you are about to endure.

It's been ten years since we last shared the stage together. How will you handle the fact that you're now an old man and I'm in my prime? Do we need to invest in a Zimmer frame?
Well, I like to think of myself as a matured bottle of fine wine and you, a goon bag. . . St. Tropez at BEST. And if you do feel you need to waste your money on a Zimmer frame make sure it's one of the Hans ones.

You've composed music for orchestras around the world. It sounds impressive, but can you hold your own without 50 other professional musicians to support you?
Gene, have you ever noticed the deafening screams and ecstatic wails as I walk onto the stage? Those 50 other professional musicians you speak of are actually in my entourage whenever I perform.

So yes, I can hold my own because I own THEM. They take time off from their busy schedules to come to every show, pay for full price tickets AND actually pay ME for the honour. . . I also order the tuba player to do a poo in your bass drum before each show.

'Loop The Loop' plays Cremorne Theatre (Brisbane) 19-21 May.



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