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After the loud chants of 'Lily! Lily! Lily Allen!', Lily Allen emerged from the darkness of The Tivoli stage donning long black hair and bangs: an homage to her 'It's Not Me It's You' era, turning ten in 2019.

Launching straight into 'Come On Then', the English pop songstress was made comfortable by the almost instant rowdiness of her Brisbane audience. She and this particular group of revellers were a match made in heaven.

You could tell she had fun all the way through, and even though it seems obvious, that does make all the difference at a live show.

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The songs she performed from newest album 'No Shame' were a lot of fun to see live. 'Higher', 'Lost My Mind' and the gorgeous, vulnerable 'Three' were highlights. Then of course, as an artist in the industry for over a decade, there's her hits. Sure, this was a tour in celebration of her most recent album, but there's practically no denying that it was the brilliant work from her first two albums that lifted the energy in the room to another level.

Songs like 'LDN', 'Knock 'Em Out' and 'Not Fair' were huge moments in the show, and the entire set was supported by some killer lighting that at times gave her a theatrical and powerful silhouette against the backdrop. This is another small element of a live show that can elevate its quality; there was attention paid to visual elements, however simple the show may have been at face value. In saying that, the quality of the audio could have been better.

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Lily's set was a lot of fun, and she's good live. It seems as though, for such an outspoken person, she's quite shy... This was endearing. Her little giggles and bows when the venue erupted in applause were very sweet, and showed that she genuinely appreciates the response from fans to her hard work in the industry.

Go and see her live, if not for the party then for the fact that you'll be dancing all night long.



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