Like Riding A Bike Cosmic Psychos Are Ready To Return To The Stage

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  • Thursday, 02 December 2021 16:42
Cosmic Psychos finally return to the stage with a tour that runs Jan-Feb 2022. Cosmic Psychos finally return to the stage with a tour that runs Jan-Feb 2022.

Cosmic Psychos' Ross Knight is a happy chappy when he picks up the phone for a chat despite the late hour.

"I went out for a blast on the motorbike, and I didn't realise the time!" he explains.

"Tonight I took off on the off-road [with] my old Royal Enfield. Been up and around the dirt roads, a lot of fun! I used to ride a lot of Italian bikes and high-powered stuff but unfortunately at my age if I fall off, I don't bounce, I shatter!"

The days have rolled into one for Ross, who's clearly spent it wisely enjoying the latest in some 32 bikes he's owned since he was 16 years old.

Musically speaking though, 'Loudmouth Soup' (released back in 2018), was the last album Cosmic Psychos put out – of course, "with bloody COVID and everything" as Ross puts it, the band have lost a couple of years. "What are we now? '21, '22? I can't even remember now."

Still, chats around the time the 'Loudmouth Soup' album dropped saw the band discussing their affinity for German booze. "That'd be right," Ross says.

It was Macka talking of his dealings with Jägermeister. "Yeah, that'd be right," Ross chuckles. It demonstrates their carefree ways and solid friendship, and one reason for the Cosmic's longevity.

However, in recent years, for obvious reasons, it's been a strange time for the trio. "It's been the longest time since I was 16 that I haven't played a gig," Ross says.

"We were pretty lucky with a window there for a while. Macka came down and we managed to knock out another album [2021's 'Mountain Of Piss' recorded last year], which for us really doesn't take much effort at all, because we're not reinventing the wheel every time we do a new album.

"We managed to do one show in Melbourne, before lockdowns again, and since then that's been the last time I saw Macka. I haven't seen Macka for bloody yonks, and even though Dean only lives an hour from me, I've only seen him a few times as well."

This version of Cosmic Psychos have been together for about 16 years of the band's 40-year history, touring, recording and of course sharing a bevvie regularly. So for Ross, it's been a bit weird not to be able to see his best mates as often as they've been used to.

"Look, Dean and I, if we're getting on a plane to meet Macka at some other airport, whether it be around Australia or overseas, all we do is bitch and moan and groan about having to get on a plane.

"Then we crack our first beer together and go 'oh well, that's not been too bad', and away we go. But we go overseas, all around Australia together, then nothing. So it was a bit odd not to see each other."

With any luck that's quickly going to change for Cosmic Psychos. As Ross mentioned, the band have been working on new material, and coming up they have a run of shows. "Apparently!" Ross says, a little rusty on the know-how.

"Whether it happens or not. . . we're trying to do a tour for an album we recorded over a year ago. We're lucky this show got rebooked. From there, if it all goes well we've got Darwin, Sydney, Adelaide and goodness knows where else. Back to Europe I guess."

As to what Cosmic Psychos will perform, with a back catalogue of 11 studio albums (Ross admits he loses track), upcoming shows look to be a mix of golden oldies and some of the new stuff.

"A couple of songs from each [album] I reckon. No one will notice the difference because they all sound the same anyway!

"It's good for us. I haven't seen Macka for bloody well nearly a year, and the same with Dean. We'll get off a plane, have a soundcheck and that's it. We'll be right."

Just like riding a bike, Cosmic Psychos reunion will be as if no time has passed at all. "We have a lot of fun when we're together. I just can't wait to play again."

A good friendship is often marked by being able to go the longest time without seeing one another and, upon seeing each other, being able to pick up the conversation like you only saw each other yesterday.

"I've been lucky enough to have wonderful mates in the band, and we've got wonderful mates all over the world. And yeah, you might not see them for a year or two, but you crack a beer, give 'em a hug, and pick up from where you left off.

"Hopefully we'll be able to do the same musically, but you know what? Doesn't matter, we'll just stand there and talk, we'll have a ball!”

'Mountains Of Piss' is available.

Cosmic Psychos 2021-2022 Tour Dates

Sat 18 Dec - The Tivoli (Brisbane)
Fri 14 Jan - Jive (Adelaide)
Fri 21 Jan - The Corner Hotel (Melbourne)
Sat 22 Jan - Pier Bandroom (Frankston)
Thu 27 Jan - Darwin Railway Club
Fri 28 Jan - Darwin Railway Club
Sat 29 Jan - Darwin Railway Club
Fri 11 Feb - Crowbar (Sydney)
Sat 12 Feb - UOW UniBar (Wollongong)
Fri 25 Feb - Theatre Royal (Castlemaine)



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