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Lady Waks
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Born in Saint Petersburg, Lady Waks is bringing the noise and representing a part of the world that seems to be establishing a place in the hearts of fans, artists and producers alike.

“In previous years, I've spent most of my time in Europe. Now nearly every weekend I'm away from home, but I always try to come back home quickly — except for my recent tours of Asia, Canada, US and of course my favorite one, Australia!”

Clearly then, she knows the way into the hearts and minds of her fans down under.

“Recently, the main project I had been working on has been for the Breaks Arena Festival, which took place in Saint Petersburg in late November. I'm also running my monthly club nights called In Beat We Trust. As well as that, I'm also running a booking agency where we represent breaks heads from around the world.”

Likewise, her weekly radio show on Russia's largest and best-known radio-station, Record, is kicking goals every Tuesday night. She adds that fans can listen and watch her sessions live ( Further, her IBWT music imprint has just had a new release from ilLegal Content featuring Steppastyle.

“Presently, I'm working on new beats, some of them are in collaboration with the other breaks DJs (including) man of the moment, Germany's Marten Horger,” she says.

So after finishing school, the lass decided to study in Russia, enrolling at the Saint Petersburg University Of Culture and Art.

“I started to work at the radio station, hosting my own radio show where I was promoting my favorite tunes and music styles. I had lots of cool artists performing during my sessions and lots of great DJs who played for me. After that, I started working at an events company as a designer, but changed my position to a booking agent and event manager at the same company, later starting the club night.”

By 2004 she’d decided to DJ at her own nights, simply as a result of having too much music to share. “Then, after I met Hardy Hard in 2007, I went to the next level and started to make music; and after meeting Westbam all three of us went on the Electric Kingdom tour ‘round Europe. I basically came to the music industry and met artists who kept inspiring me to do what I have done for the last 13 years!”

Studio wise, she adds that there are some new tracks that she’s currently working on. “I'm really looking forward to doing a remix for Deekline and Ed Solo — they are releasing a new album in the near future. I'm also very happy about my collaboration with Marten Horger and MC Jay. And I can't wait to get back into the studio after my Australian tour! The truth is that after maternity leave, I haven't spent enough time in the studio, which I should have — so that is my current plan.”

Furthermore, she has resisted the desire to pack her bags and head off to other parts Europe or the USA permanently.

“Of course I had the idea to move to Europe — and it is still an option for me and my family — but there are lots of things to do here. I've done a lot of work to get the breaks scene to the level where it is right now. And after ten years of looking for people to work with, I have finally found quality business partners. People I can trust; people that I believe are doing the job they should do at a level we need to, in order to become a bigger company. I can't leave all this and move somewhere! The music scene is huge in Russia and in some ways it's very good to be a Russian with a German education. You know how organised the German people are!”

Lady Waks will play Blah Blah Blah at Cloudland Friday December 28.

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