Krave Are Ready For 'Self Exposure' As They Release Their Debut EP

Krave are an alt-metal band from Brisbane; their debut EP is titled 'Self Exposure'. Krave are an alt-metal band from Brisbane; their debut EP is titled 'Self Exposure'.

With their debut EP, 'Self Exposure', ready to drop tomorrow, Brisbane alt-metal band Krave are ready to take the covers off a collection of songs packed with irresistible grooves and riffs, plus powerhouse vocals.

Ahead of a run of live shows in South East Queensland, the group's frontwoman and bass player Siana Davis sits down for an in-depth chat about their debut EP, the formation of the group, creative influences and the best place in Brisbane for a 2am feed.

The story of Krave; how did the band come together and do any members bring past band experience with them?
In early 2019, Ryan [White, guitarist] and I initiated the formation of Krave. I had a whole catalogue of original songs in my pocket waiting to be recorded and performed, and since Ryan and I were starting to get a little bored playing in cover bands for three years prior, we were very eager to get started with our own original band.

I sourced a rhythm guitarist on Bandmix and our drummer at the time went to Music Industry College with me, so he happily joined. During COVID, we had a line-up shift and became a three-piece with the introduction of a new drummer (Sam Bertolone, who also attended Music Industry College with me).

From there, we've recorded a dozen songs and played a heap of shows building a name for ourselves.

So a K rather than a C for the band's name; was that a long discussion before the decision to go with K was reached?
It took a while for us to figure out a band name that packed a punch and wasn't already taken as an existing name.

I envisioned this band to have a strong, one syllable name like Kiss or Korn that was short, sweet and memorable. I began to think about how I'm always craving music and that I want our music to be addictive to others since everyone craves good music.

And then I thought of Crave, but that spelling was taken. But then to be edgy, like 'Korn' or something, I spelt it Krave. We thought that sat strong and looked punchy, so we rolled with it since it was not taken.

You're nearing the release of your debut EP 'Self Exposure'; how does this collection of songs introduce Krave?
The songs introduce Krave's explosive energy, heavy riffs, catchy hooks, captivating lyrics, powerhouse female vocals and a whole lotta passion. That is what Krave is all about.

We have a strong rhythmical sound in this EP, with heavy guitars and dynamic female vocals soaring over the top of it all. Our music is fierce and also communicates through lyrics the hardships and mental health that lots of people may be dealing with, which is a good thing to get out in the open.

Krave covers a lot of ground developing our own sound from genres of alt metal, hard rock and even a little prog and grunge. Fans that enjoy a bit of Halestorm, Bring Me The Horizon, CKY and Pantera would most likely enjoy Krave.

The process to create and record 'Self Exposure' – was it long and drawn out to reach the final version of the EP?
Luckily when Krave first formed, I already had a bank of original songs and lyrics to pick from so we recorded 'Running' and 'White Walls' first in 2019 at Airlock Studios straight away.

Ryan and I smashed out 'Alchemy', and then Jayce and I collaborated on 'Purgatory' and 'Walk Of Atonement' in the same period, so we recorded those three songs at Airlock Studios in late 2019. For 'Outta Control', Ryan, Sam and I jammed that song out together, structured it as a band collaboration and recorded the song at Lush Studios in 2020.

The songwriting process was quick, though the recordings were drawn out since we had to save money as a band. I produced Krave envisioning the mixing and mastering so that process was fast, and I also had production help from our engineers, Steve Kempnich and Bernie Wedrat with their many ideas.

The songwriting process for Krave; how does the band work when introducing new songs to the group?
At the moment, Krave's songwriting process happens during band practice jams or sometimes I have a pre-written song I share with the other members and we work on it. We record song jam ideas on our phones and pick out cool riffs or melodic/ rhythmic phrasings to fiddle with.

Ryan and I sit together and develop riff inversions and verse chorus structure for the guitar/ bass parts to organise the foundation of the song. Sam is usually a whizz with rhythm, so he just fits it in with our worked parts. We develop and memorise our new songs during rehearsals and then add them to our set list when they are ready.

Creative influences; who/ what inspires the band with your own originals and lyrical direction of songs?
I'm inspired by heavy bands such as Tool, Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, System Of A Down and Nirvana; Ryan enjoys progressive bands such as CKY, Pantera and Queens Of The Stone Age; and Sam loves classic rock & roll such as The Doors and Flash And The Pan.

Away from the stage and studio, do all three of you spend a lot of time hanging with each other?
We all spend quite a lot of time together off stage hanging out and having fun. All three of us consider our group as family, so we're very close.

We like going out and watching other bands together with our friend circle, or we crash at each other's places and watch movies and get drunk together. It's all good fun and we're all very funny, so we're always joking around and consider one another good company.

The band has a run of six SE QLD shows next month or so; given the past 12 months, you must all be pumped to have that many shows lined up?
We are beyond stoked to tour our EP throughout QLD! All three of us are pumped to road trip together, make memories and showcase our EP live to our fans up north and down south.

We're really excited to be headlining venues and playing some awesome festivals for our run of shows, it's going to be wild.

Have you ramped up band practices ahead of the shows?
Absolutely, we practice very hard and want to be as polished as possible for the tour so we can deliver an incredible show for everyone. As they say, there ain’t no rest for the wicked, haha.

For those new to a Krave live experience, what can punters expect from the band when you’re onstage?
Krave's live experience is something to behold: energy x movement x engagement x precision x passion and JAW DROPPING female powerhouse vocals that will dominate the room. Our live shows have more energy than a nuclear power plant. We ROCK OUT every stage anytime and anywhere.

Once these run of shows are completed, what's next for Krave?
Krave will be recording and releasing new music at the end of 2021 with more music videos and a NSW tour in the making.

Best local takeaway joint for a 2am feed that will leave you with a food coma?
Pancake Manor. It rules and all three of us are rocking up for a feed after playing a show.

Last show you binge-watched?
We rewatched 'South Park' again since it's been a while and Cartman is just so funny; he actually reminds us of a friend of ours. haha.

Do you have any phobias... please explain?
Yes, haha. Ryan is mortified of 'fabric stroking' – in particular carpet and trust me you will never see Ryan wearing corduroy slacks (he hates it, but Sam and I are forever teasing). Sam is afraid of horses, because they are not cows and Sam likes cows. And I have a phobia of insects because they suck, and balloons because I hate the anticipation of them popping.

What's the one chore you dislike the most?
Probably weeding just because you keep having to weed all the time and they're always growing back no matter what.

If we were coming over to your place, what would you cook us?
The best homemade nachos you've ever tasted.

Thanks for your time; anything else you'd like to add?
Be sure to check out our new EP and our upcoming shows. We hope to meet as many of you lovely people as possible. Thank you so much for interviewing Krave. We really appreciate it.

Krave 2021 Tour Dates

Thu 15 Apr - The Brightside (Brisbane)
Sat 17 Apr - YFest @ Dickson Park (Brisbane)
Fri 23 Apr - Gympie Royal Hotel
Sat 24 Apr - Vinnies Dive (Gold Coast)
Sat 1 May - Jimna Rocks Festival (Somerset Region)
Sat 15 May - The Flamin' Galah (Brisbane)
Sun 30 May - Mo's Desert Clubhouse (Gold Coast)



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