Kitchen Witch – Purveyors Of Bubbling Grooves & Banshee Wails

Kitchen Witch are a stoner rock, prog rock group from Adelaide. Kitchen Witch are a stoner rock, prog rock group from Adelaide.

Australian red-dust desert rock outfit, Kitchen Witch liken themselves to the alcoholic baby if John Lee Hooker, Kyuss and Janis Joplin had hooked-up and had a kid.

The quartet of Georgie Cosson (vox), Ed Noble (drums), Simon Elliott (bass), and Conor Kinsella (guitar) have been selected, alongside 21 other SA bands, to perform as part of the inaugural One12 Festival in Adelaide, a five concert series supporting local and emerging talent.

Georgie was lovely enough to answer a few of our questions.

Firstly, let's start with the cracking band name; how'd you settle on Kitchen Witch?
Kitchen Witch is kind of self-titled, but a band.

Those new to the music stylings of the band, what's your elevator pitch of what people can expect to hear?
Guitar heavy, bubbling grooves, banshee wails, hip-swinging basslines to a heavy, heart-palpitating beat.

We're already in winter; the year has flown by, but what have been a couple of feel-good moments for the band so far?
Playing in the Cranker band room again! We had some great jams where we challenged ourselves to write a song in a night, with one idiot in the band being the boss and getting the rest of us to bring their idea to life.

It's been great to be writing new tunes. New tunes feels is like a brand new day. A good one.

What does it mean to be selected to perform as part of the inaugural One12 Festival?
Wow, well we are stoked as a band and are really looking forward to playing with such an amazing line-up of bands.

Part of the gig includes the band's performance being filmed, recorded and streamed – that must be a super-dope opportunity to access?
Yes. It is super-dope. My Dad can watch. He is 1,500kms from Adelaide and hopefully people all over the world.

You're playing alongside Dirty Pagans, Sons Of Zoku and Rocky's Pride & Joy; can we expect you in the mosh for these bands?
I cannot stress how much awe I feel for these three bands. They are all different and top quality musicians. What a line-up!

Adelaide's local, indie music scene; who else has caught your attention lately; who's playing on Kitchen Witch’s local playlist?
We would have some Smoke No Fire, Hiatus Coyote, Planet Of The 8s, All Them Witches, C.W. Stoneking, Emergency Rule, Athletic Teenage Joggers, King Gizz of course, Indian classical, Bessie Smith.

The band released an album ('Earth And Ether') last year; when can fans expect more new tunes from Kitchen Witch?
Kitchen Witch are conjuring tunes from the ether as we speak. Keep your hats on, hopefully we get into the studio in a few months time.

What sort of skills does each band member have in the kitchen? And who takes responsibility for the BBQ tongs when you're all together for a backyard party?
You know what? We mostly just jam together and stay in sh.tty hotels eating baked goods. I do love to make festival-related treats on the sabbaths for the group. If you call a band a 'group' it makes it sound like you are in the '70s.

What else is on the cards for the band in 2021 (interstate tours)?
Yep, Kitchen Witch a taking this show on the road at the end of the year. Stay tuned to the socials and stuff for more info.

Best local takeaway joint for a 2am feed that will leave you with a food coma?
My house.

Which fictional character best describes your personality?
Tiabeanie from 'Disenchantment'. A princess who likes beer.

Last show you binge-watched?
I watch too much TV. Okay, 'Letter Kenny'.

Crows or Power (and no sitting on the fence!)?

One12 Festival takes place at Thebarton Theatre 4, 12, 18, 25, 26 June. Kitchen Witch play 25 June. Kitchen Witch also play Froth & Fury Fest as part of Umbrella Festival at Pirate Life Brewing (Adelaide) 31 July.



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