King Social Return To Bigsound Looking For A Manager

  • Written by  Edward Johnstone
  • Thursday, 01 September 2016 13:12
King Social King Social Image © Sarah Elsley
King Social are getting ready to make the trip from Townsville to Brisbane to perform a number of shows in September including Bigsound.

The band hope the week will give them a leg-up getting their debut album off the ground as well as providing a chance to party. “It's Stevie’s 30th [birthday] on the Friday night at our show, so we're definitely going to be celebrating. They'll probably put specials on,” Angus Milne, the band’s singer and guitarist, says.

“And we've got Nick Jones, the sound guy down there. He's a fucking legend. Every time we're down there he has done our sound and he's awesome.”

Angus says the band is excited to lose their Bigsound virginity. “This year we were lucky enough to get in which is freaking awesome. We're really excited about it. I've heard some really great things about after parties with free booze. It's going to be good. We need a manager, that's what we really need. To promote this album properly, we need a management company or record label.”

The boys are looking to go to the next level for the album and are even looking at recording overseas. “We do like the freedom of being able to produce our own album,” Angus says. “For this album in particular though, we're at a point where we need help to release it. We don't need their money; we just need the monster behind us. We're still trying to find a producer and sound engineer. We want to do it in Nashville and we've got a studio in mind. That’s why we've been trying to get the right producer, to get the best.”

The band has started a crowdfunding campaign. “The campaign is going alright. We're probably a little ambitious with our goal, but it looks pretty promising. We’ve received great support from Townsville especially, and our families have all been really supportive.”

The band members have also agreed to certain stipulations if the goal is reached. “I'll ride a bull, which will be a great promotion,” Angus says, quite sarcastically. “I didn't even think about it the whole-way through. Then all of a sudden at the end it was all organised and I thought, ‘fuck, I actually have to ride a bull’. Those things will kill you. They're massive. I sort of hope we don't make it to the goal.”

King Social.2 09 16Image © Sarah Elsley

The people of Townsville have supported the band since their early days. “When we started up here, the scene was very different,” Angus says. “With the help of a few, other fairly passionate Townsville people we've actually recreated a great, live, original music scene. Before then, like most places, you could only get paid to do covers in the pub.

“I think people were starved of [original, live music] so they were willing to jump on board. There are all these other great bands coming out of the woodwork now, which is awesome. They're playing their own, original music and they are getting paid for it too. There is a lot of people involved. We were lucky enough to be one of the first bands to do it.”

King Social play Bigsound at The Elephant Hotel 7 September. They headline their own Brisbane show at the New Globe Theatre 9 September.


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