Justin Townes Earle: The Saint Of Lost Causes

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  • Tuesday, 09 July 2019 16:05
Justin Townes Earle tours Australia August-September 2019. Justin Townes Earle tours Australia August-September 2019.

Americana favourite Justin Townes Earle kicks up his heels for Australia once more for a solo acoustic tour in support of his latest album, 'The Saint Of Lost Causes'.

The formidable singer-songwriter and son of country rock iconoclast Steve Earle has become a regular visitor to our shores, calling it one of his favourite touring destinations in the world.

The upcoming run in Australia will be the biggest Justin has undertaken here to date. In preparation for the tour, Justin takes some time to answer our questions about his new music, life on the road and being the son of a legend.

Have you been happy with the response to your latest album 'The Saint Of Lost Causes'?
I am very happy with the response the latest record has gotten so far. So far the traction is more than any record I have done to date.

What’s the significance of the album’s title?
I feel that we’re in a place in the world, not just in America but in the entire world, where we have been marginalising people for such a long time that we are going to find that they are going to strike back at us. I think they’re beginning to build up to striking back and we’re not gonna like it.

How are you feeling about the upcoming Australian tour?
I’m feeling really good about the Australian tour. Always love getting Down Under and having a good time in the sun with people who are some of my favourite people on the face of the earth.

What can we expect from your shows this time around?
You can expect the same kind of a reckless abandon that you were seeing in the past with a bit more of a message this time around, not political but social.

Americana has become very popular in Australia; are there any Australian artists you keep track of?
Marlon Williams.

Do you feel an affinity to Australians considering their growing love for Americana?
I feel an affinity for Australians just because I love them as a people, and the fact they like Americana music just makes it even easier to love them.

Given a day or two off while in Australia, where would you go and what would you do?
That totally depends on where I’m at in Australia. I’ve gathered so many friends over time and all that typically is dictated by which group of lunatics I am around.

Since you were last here you’ve gotten married and become a father; how have these life changes impacted your songwriting?
I don’t think that it has impacted my songwriting just yet. I’m a very slow thinker and it takes time for anything to have an impact on my writing. I think that we’ll see/ hear something more of that in the future.

Was it difficult to establish your own musical identity outside that of your father’s?
It wasn’t that hard because my father also made sure that I established an outside identity. He never wanted me to be like him or sound like him. Even though I ended up being like him, I definitely don’t sound like him.

We took some steps to make sure that that did not happen; we didn’t play shows together, we didn’t write songs together, and we didn’t make records together.

Do you have a message for Australian audiences before you get here?
Get ready you motherf...ers!

Justin Townes Earle 2019 Tour Dates

Tue 27 Aug - Spotted Mallard (Melbourne)
Wed 28 Aug - Caravan Music Club (Melbourne)
Fri 30 Aug - Meeniyan Town Hall (VIC)
Sat 31 Aug - Theatre Royal (Castlemaine)
Sun 1 Sep - Franklin Bar & Restaurant (Hobart)
Tue 3 Sep - Lizotte's Newcastle
Wed 4 Sep - The Lansdowne Hotel (Sydney)
Thu 5 Sep - Clarendon Guest House (Blue Mountains)
Fri 6 Sep - The Gov (Adelaide)
Sat 7 Sep - Indian Ocean Hotel (Perth)
Sun 8 Sep - Mojo’s Bar (Perth)
Thu 12 Sep - Brisbane Festival
Fri 13 Sep - Tank Arts Centre (Cairns)



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