John Farnham Tells Falls Festival Lorne Punters They're Pussies

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John Farnham has told his Falls Festival Lorne fans they're pussies. To their face.

The memorable moment came during his cover of ACDC's "It's a long way to the top (if you wanna rock and roll)". Apparently, Farnham's assessment of the crowd's call and response to the lyrics "Hotel, motel, make you wanna cry" wasn't up to scratch.

The sting was captured on video by Leon Sjogren and on the evidence appears to have been somewhat harsh.

Watch Farnham suggests his audience are pussies.

The stunned crowd barely chuckled along unaware of the impending controlled mass evacuation from the event. Farnham performed on day one of the four-day event which was soon to be cancelled due to the threat of bushfires.

Compare and Contrast

At 70, there's no denying The Voice still has his singing chops – being the oldest artist to perform at Falls – but perhaps comedic delivery needs a polish (perhaps from Sadie). This was no Freddie moment. In 1986 Queen's seemingly immortal lead singer famously challenged a Wembley crowd in similar style culminating in Mercury telling 100,000 people to off - a joke which landed pefectly and only served to add to the cult of Freddie.

Let the memes begin.



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