Is Adam Hall The Busiest Man At 2021 Fringe World?

Trumpeter, vocalist and composer, Adam Hall returns to Fringe World (Perth) for a massive 2021 programme. Trumpeter, vocalist and composer, Adam Hall returns to Fringe World (Perth) for a massive 2021 programme.

After studying music at Berklee College of Music, Adam Hall started his music career at the 2000 Olympics and has since performed with a slew of talented musicians including James Morrison, Don Burrows and Shirley Horn.

In 2005 he formed a classic rhythm & blues band, Adam Hall & The Velvet Playboys. The band has since become an institution of the local music scene, renowned for its captivating live performances.

Alongside Adam (vocals, trumpet), The Velvet Playboys feature some of Western Australia's finest musicians.

Those new to Adam Hall, what's your elevator pitch?
We just want to play pretty music for the people.

You are one busy man at Fringe World in 2021; how are you keeping track of all your obligations?
If you can believe it, I am actually doing fewer shows than previous years. I am spending more time organising other people's shows and co-ordinating different venues.

As a performer given the current environment, it must be an absolute pleasure to return to the stage and perform to a live audience?
It's an amazing experience to be able to put shows on and have crowds back.

There seems to be a really happy vibe that goes with it as well (from the audience perspective). I think people have really missed the chance to go and see live music.

What can punters expect from your Roaring 20s Fringe World show?
Come to the Underground Speakeasy of Lyric Lane and be transported to a world of snappy dressing fellas and sassy dames.

Adam Hall and The Velvet Playboys combine with the Hot 6 to present the earliest of jazz in the hippest fashion. All the trumpets, saxes and trombones will be blaring while the dancers take centre stage and transport you back through time. Combining with swing dancing and snappy song choices, this is one not to miss.

Then you have a number of FW performances with The Velvet Playboys performing your own originals – how does this show vary from what else you have on at FW?
I thought it was important for people to hear the original work of the band.

A lot of people have followed the band for a while, but aren't aware that most nights we play 50 per cent original material. I wanted to put that front and centre, so people really get an understanding of what The Velvet Playboys is really all about. A lot of new songs, and really is the show I am most proud of.

You have a number of other Fringe World performances: A Night In Havana, The Music Of Nat King Cole, The Soul Sessions Of Bruno Mars; is it a little like Christmas Day for you getting to be part of so many different shows?
Yeah, all of those and the Soul and Rock n Roll Dance Party and the Night in New Orleans.

I really like the idea of giving people the opportunity to hear the band in great spaces. So we have the Lyric Lane for people that prefer the jazz club vibe, The State Theatre Centre for people who want a night at the theatre and the Freo.Social for the music lovers who want to dance.

Mostly, it was about matching the events with the venues: Roaring 20s, Music of Nat King Cole and original music at the Lyric Lane; A Night in New Orleans at the State Theatre Centre and The Soul and Rock n Roll Dance Party, Stevie Wonder show and the Night In Havana for the dancers at Freo.Social.

You're also performing with Simone Craddock at Fringe World a show called Ella & Louis; tell us more?
I've been a great fan of Louis Armstrong all my life and I've never wanted to do a recreation of his mastery, I've only wanted to do it if I can find a different way.

So I guess that's what this is. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrongs music from those famous albums done in a different way. Again, the venue is so key here. The opportunity to be at the Government House Ballroom is really special.

With so many upcoming performances, how do you maintain your freshness? And can we assume you'll be sleeping in throughout February?
Well, it is less than last year and make sure that I have many three-day breaks throughout Fringe, so it shouldn't be too bad. I do agree that most of the rest and recover will happen in February though. :)

The rest of 2021 for Adam Hall; what is the plan?
I'm hopeful that the borders open up again and maybe I can see some of my long-time musical collaborators from USA and Europe again.

If not, I will be planning some festivals and working on different venues to have really unique experiences for my audiences. There is also an album I recorded with the Buena Vista Social Club and another live album that I still haven't released, so plenty of things to keep busy with.

Finish this sentence: To date, my most embarrassing moment was the time... At my CD launch and I forgot the words to the title track of one of my albums. My trombone player Anthony just couldn't stop laughing because it never happens. Promise you will tell no one?

If you had to live in a city abroad, where would you choose?
For the lifestyle, Bermuda. I had many wonderful times there and great people to share with. For my music, I would live in New Orleans. I've lived there in the past and the amazing musicians and culture of the city has no parallel.

Three people you'd like to invite around for a dinner party?
Alive: Wynton Marsalis – for being a hero to so many of us younger trumpet players. Andrew Yang – for showing that you can be a business man that has a conscience about the social fabric of life; and Stephen Fry – because he is the best.

No longer with us: Louis Armstrong – for being the colossus in music that he was. All trumpet players stand on the shoulders of that man's greatness. Frank Sinatra - cooler than sipping a frozen Coke in a snow storm; and my Nan – strongest woman I ever met and she LOVED a party.

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