Introducing Wollongong Surf Rock, Reggae Indie Artist Calcite

Calcite is a surf rock, reggae artist from Wollongong. Calcite is a surf rock, reggae artist from Wollongong.

With a love for hip hop, reggae and surf rock, Wollongong indie artist Calcite has spent his formative music years playing in local punk-rock bands.

After deciding to focus on a solo career, in 2021 Calcite released his debut single 'Who Am I' quickly followed by his second single 'Cavalry'.

A regular performer across the South Coast and Wollongong areas, last month Calcite dropped his first new music of 2022 with 'Man On The Moon'. "'Man On The Moon' was a fun one to write," Calcite says.

"It's always tempting to run back to a bad situation that feels familiar. But it's also healthy to make fun of yourself when you catch yourself slippin'."

Who is Calcite... My name is Kane Calcite. After spending my early years in the Wollongong punk-rock scene, I developed an addiction to the feeling music gave me.

I have always searched for new sounds and genres that capture my essence; finding an acoustic vibe set the scene for my style, followed by my love of reggae and hip hop. I find myself now experimenting with the surf rock, reggae aspect and it feels most like home to me.

You can hear my influences come through in my sound; artists such as Ocean Alley, Dirty Heads, Sublime and some Lime Cordiale.

My first gig was... As Calcite was at the SurfLife Music Festival in Gerringong, a week before I released my first single under the same name.

When did you settle on your artistic name, and was it a unanimous decision... I found myself searching for a name for many years leading up to this project.

I recently changed my surname to Calcite, as this name holds many personal meanings to me. Emotional intelligence has been a stand-point in my songwriting as I use my experiences with life struggles to channel my positive message amongst a world of increasing anxiety. Calcite represents this meaning as a mineral/ crystal.

In the studio I usually... I like to experiment with instruments that I've never heard before, samples and sounds building around a set structure of chords, adding quirky and sometimes grungy lead guitar tones.

Bass and drums are an important staple on any song I produce. I like creating a musical journey through lyrics that can be interpreted depending on the state of mind of the listener.

If I could tour with anyone... I really think it would have to be Dirty Heads or Ocean Alley; both bands have such a strong connection with their audience.

Social media is... A good platform for promotion and connection in the modern world. I still remember sticking flyers to every pole around the streets of Wollongong. It's a useful tool for such things as promotion.

My favourite app at the moment is... Slightly addicted to TikTok due to the easy laughs and short attention span I have when something doesn't interest me. I don't really take social media too serious, so it's good to unwind to some cheap laughs.

To date, my most embarrassing moment was the time... Food poisoning kicked in as I was heading on stage. My previous drummer took the brunt and had to run to the bathroom. The crowd was ok with it as we turned the night into a jam session with anyone who wanted to jump on the kit; I eventually sh.t myself.

Life on the road can be... Addictive. I find myself really enjoying the drives. I don't like fast food so it can be hard finding cheap meals to get you through. And it's hard to trust servo sushi.

If you'll have me on your bill, all I ask is that the rider contains... Beers and hugs.

The most scary scenario I've found myself in, was... Being caught in the middle of a crowd fight between punks and hippies. A venue once thought they would put a hardcore night next to a reggae night.

I tend to avoid all conflict where possible but some people want drama. Walk away is the best option, but a few punks thought they would target the 'white Bob Marley', which is a little uncomfortable when they are flashing knuckle dusters around. Probably won't return to that venue.

What celebrity/ famous person would you love to be spokesperson of the band... David Attenborough purely because we are animals and he would sound perfect.

If you had to live in a city abroad, where would you choose and why? Probably San Diego because of the music scene; the culture on the strip and the whole surf and skate vibe.

Three people you'd like to invite around for a dinner party... Tom Hanks because I'm a huge 'Toy Story' fan. Ozzy Osbourne because I have so many questions. Snoop Dogg because he would be hilarious trying to communicate with Ozzy.

If we were coming over to your place, what would you cook us? You would be having pesto pasta from a jar. All part of the musician's diet. Feed your family for under $10.

When it comes to pets, are you a lover or hater of our furry friends? I have always had cats and dogs growing up, and I will always be a dog lover. Although I don't feel worthy to own one due to my yard space.

No matter the expense, send me a case of... Chocolate peanuts.

The last time I saw the inside of a gym was... Three years ago and I am still paying the gym fee.

What's the one chore you dislike the most? Hanging out washing. I have OCD so I get frustrated when I peg one side and the other side falls down.

Do you have any phobias... Not that I can say for sure. Although I do get uncomfortable with small spaces.

Would you ever partake in a reality show? Not really, maybe 'Byron Baes'. Drink some Booch.

If you could prank any of your friends, who's your target, and how are you bringing them down? I would enjoy a fake apocalypse situation with my girlfriend. Many nights were spent talking about how we would survive zombies. I'd like to see her attempt it.

Best local takeaway joint for a midnight feed that will leave you with a food coma? Probably McDonald's 24-hour breakfast. Hot cakes at all hours usually does the trick.

Which fictional character best describes your personality? Probably Peter from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I cry naked a lot.

Last show you binge-watched? This would have to be 'All Of Us Are Dead'. I love the Korean series. Everything they do is better and scarier than a lot of western thrillers.

Calcite 2022 Tour Dates

Thu 12 May - The Hungry Monkey (Bowral)
Fri 13 May - Daring Squire (Wollongong)
Sat 14 May - Shoalhaven Heads Bowlo
Sun 15 May - Lux Bistro Batr (Wollongong)
Thu 19 May - The Hungry Monkey (Kiama)
Fri 20 May - Club Windang (Wollongong)
Sat 21 May - Collies (Wollongong)
Fri 27 May - Worrigee Sports (Nowra)
Sat 28 May - Papi's (Wollongong)
Sun 29 May - The Groundz (Wollongong)
10-12 Jun - SurfLife Music Festival (Illawarra)



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