Introducing Singer-Songwriter Emma Tomlinson

Emma Tomlinson is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter.
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An independent pop artist originally from South East Queensland, Emma Tomlinson now calls Melbourne home.

A performer since her early teens, Emma has been a professional musician-performer the last five years.

After releasing a number of singles throughout 2020-2021 (including 'Control' that has almost 10k streams on Spotify), Emma's most recent release is titled 'Sour Heart'.

Released late January (on her birthday), the track introduces an electric pop element to Emma's music while also highlighting her role as an ambassador for Autism Queensland.

"'Sour Heart' tells the story of being a female Australian artist with a disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and connecting to the outside world in the way I see it through my mind.

"Being an ambassador for Autism Queensland, I wanted to compose a song that not only related to all who were on the Spectrum but also represented how incredible it is to have such a curious and creative mindset.

"The music video's themes focus on empowering neurodiversity to all generations; particularly younger audiences, to understand and acknowledge that 'being different makes a difference'."

Who is Emma Tomlinson... I'm a 23-year-old singer-songwriter who not only accompanies myself on piano but uniquely blends pop, pop-classical crossover, R&B and alternative pop to another level.

I am a triple-threat performer from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane now living and performing in Melbourne. I have been performing professionally for ten years and as a professional musician/ singer/ piano player for five years.

I completed a Bachelor of Creative Industries; majoring in music and minoring in drama and social media under a high performance music scholarship programme within my degree.

I've made numerous appearances on the national stage performing recently the Australian National Anthem at the Australian Of The Year 2023 Awards for the Queensland nominees.


Lets see if I have one first far out ??

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I sound like... My style of music is best described as super diverse as I offer not only pop but a mix of electric pop, indie pop, alternative and classical crossover. I love mixing different styles of music as well as experimenting with ones that I normally wouldn't do, as I find it super fun but really playful for my audience.

If I were to describe which artists I draw inspiration from it would be Sia, Meg Mac, Florence + The Machine and Montaigne.

My first gig was... Playing piano and singing when I was 18 years old in 2018 performing at Matt Galinski's View restaurant at Peppers Resort Noosa. However, my first solo singing gig was when I was 14 years old singing 'Titanium' by David Guetta for the Hip Hop Championships 2014 in Brisbane.

When did you settle on the group's name, and was it a unanimous decision... I settled on keeping it my full name, Emma Tomlinson, as I felt it made more of a statement to who I am as an artist.

In the studio I usually... Let loose, exploring my vocal range and how I can challenge myself. I also suffer from chronic gerd (gastro eosophagael reflux disease), so I always have to burp which allows me to clear space for my diaphragm when I sing.

I also experiment with my soprano opera vocals in songs to see how I can cross it over into one of the songs I'm working on. I only do that with songs I know I can incorporate classical voice into such as pop, or electro pop or rock.

If I could tour with anyone... I would love to tour with Rihanna especially as she was my first ever concert I saw when I was 11; after I saw her Super Bowl performance I instantly decided I am her support act or singing 'Diamonds' with her onstage.

I would also love to tour with Meg Mac, Vera Blue, Florence + The Machine, Mia Wray, Jungle Giants, Montaigne, Baker Boy, GLVS, Flume, HillTop Hoods, Sam Smith, Delta, Jessie, G Flip.

My favourite app at the moment is... I love Instagram because I find that it has become the best marketing tool for growing my audience and posting what I love.

Spotify Artist is also another favourite app as I love seeing where in the world people are listening to my songs, how many times and what playlists they are in. I love TikTok too as I actually love searching how to clean certain things or learn songs or connect with other musicians. It's awesome.

To date, omy most embarrassing moment was the time... When my reflux was playing up on stage while I was performing at a six-star hotel in Noosa and I somehow while singing burped in the microphone out of nowhere and everyone was shocked, but also laughing.

Life on the road can be... Challenging especially as I am a solo artist who is also her own roadie and manager; but at the end of the day, I love what I do and I love how I hustle. I never have one home to call home. I have multiple.

If you'll have me on your bill, all I ask is that the rider contains... A grand piano (black or white) or a piano that best replicates a grand piano or Steinway & Sons, and a great dressing room to do vocal warm-ups and stretch in.

If you had to live in a city abroad, where would you choose and why? I would love to live in LA as it reminds of the Gold Coast, which is where I grew up as well as the possibilities for my music or I would live in Nashville as my family live there and my Native American Indian heritage is from there.

When it comes to pets are you a lover or hater of our furry friends? I love, LOVE, love animals. I have a Birman cat called Lulu, three dogs: Border Collie called Penny (short for Penelope), Labradoodle called Tuesday, and a red Kelpie called Stevie after Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac.

The last time I saw the inside of a gym was... Today I go to the gym three to four times a week to train. The inside of my gym is quite nice too, might I ad hahaha!

What's the one chore you dislike the most? Cleaning the deck.

Do you have any phobias... Nope no phobias whatsoever, just fears.

Which fictional character best describes your personality? I would 100 per cent say I am like Donkey from 'Shrek' and Rapunzel from 'Tangled'. Donkey because I sing all the time and can pull the same face as Donkey, but also I am charismatic. Rapunzel because I have super long hair and have a bubbly personality as well as am fierce when I wanna be.

Last show you binge-watched? 'Wednesday' on Netflix because I love Tim Burton; he is my favourite director and filmmaker and how he created Wednesday Adams in his style was amazing. Plus I love supernatural stuff. 'You' Season 4 with Penn Badgley kept me glued to the screen.

Emma Tomlinson 2023 Tour Dates

Fri 24 Feb - Sarah Sands Hotel (Melbourne)
Fri 3 Mar - Sarah Sands Hotel (Melbourne)
Sun 5 Mar - Spotswood Hotel (Melbourne)
Sun 19 Mar - Spotswood Hotel (Melbourne)
Fri 31 Mar - Sarah Sands Hotel (Melbourne)

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