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Anthony Kale is a pop artist from Melbourne. Anthony Kale is a pop artist from Melbourne.

A pop artist whose music is imbued by the likes of Richard Marx, Rick Astley and Phil Collins, Melbourne's Anthony Kale creates music with a positive attitude.

The last couple of years he has released a number of singles including 'Miracle', 'Beautiful Stranger' and 'You're The One' that has seen his global streams surpass 500k on Spotify.

Anthony is also an actor who has appeared on commercial television including a small role as a barman on 'Underbelly'.

"Since I was a kid growing up, I've always wanted to be heard. Singing in school bands, being in music videos and singing comps.

"Today my music has now reached over half a million listeners worldwide on Spotify alone! Thanks so much to everyone."

Who is Anthony Kale... A pop singer, entertainer with a natural flair for songwriting, catchy hooks and lyrical themes driven by positivity. Kale has something for every music lover.

Kale reached #1 with his tracks 'Be Responsible' and 'Without A Word' on the Indie Radio Charts in the UK. He also was Artist Of The Week on Fox.FM on Australian Made with Andy Grace. Nova 100 FM featured his music with a live interview after making it on X Factor TV auditions.

He has recently been interviewed on community and commercial radio stations throughout Australia for his newest single 'Miracle'.

I sound like... The fans have told me my songs remind them of Phil Collins and also Rick Astley.

My first gig was... At the Berwick Kids Carnival; it was an outdoor stage event and was hot, windy day, which is on my YouTube channel.

Many years ago I also entered singing competitions and came across a teenager who was competing beside me with a similar name who I spoke to – Anthony Callea. We both did not place in the top 3 at the time back in 1999, but it sticks in the back of my mind each time I see Callea sing today.

When did you settle on your name, and was it a unanimous decision... My name Anthony Kale came about talking with my brother. We decided  to come up with an original name from the letters of our surname Camilleri. We came up with Cale.

Then when I saw my producer, he recommended to change the C to a K to make it look stronger. I like it. Anthony Kale was it.

In the studio I usually... Put down the melody and vocals first, then my producer and I work out the music around it. We later record the vocals then arrangements last.

Life on the road can be... I have no yet had the chance to tour as I'm building towards it. But COVID came and cancelled some big events.

My favourite app at the moments is... Facebook and Instagram where I can engage with my fans.

Social media is... A great tool to help indie artists like myself who have not been signed up by a record company to grow, get discovered and generate new fans.

If you had to live in a city abroad, where would you choose and why? If I had a chance to live somewhere else it would be Hollywood as I have been in several TV shows and movies as an actor like 'Underbelly', 'Rush', and 'Wentworth'. Hollywood has a lot of opportunities for musicians and singers to show their talents.

The last time I saw the inside of a gym was... I love keeping fit. I have my own gym at home and really have not stepped foot inside a 'real' gym.



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