Introducing okmattcollins The Solo Project Of WHARVES Frontman Matt Collins

okmattcollins' debut single is titled 'Everything's Changing'. okmattcollins' debut single is titled 'Everything's Changing'.

The solo project of WHARVES frontman Matt Collins, okmattcollins makes his debut with the enchantingly beautiful ballad 'Everything's Changing'.

This new chapter in Matt's musical career came about after a change of circumstances: ending a long-term relationship and moving in with a bunch of strangers in a cottage in the Byron Bay hinterland.

His new housemates gave him the confidence to put out some solo music after he played a string of intimate shows at friend's house parties and local cafes.

"I'm excited to put this out there and no longer wonder 'what if?', but it's also a bit scary," muses Matt.

Who is okmattcollins... Is the brand-new project of Matt Collins, the lead singer of WHARVES. All the songs are written and performed by Matt. Collins creates a pure, honest take at going things alone. Matt has been playing in bands, touring and recording since the tender age of 13.

I sound like... Powderfinger, Radiohead and Jeff Buckley.

Our first gig was... The Treehouse Byron Bay.

When did you settle on the group's name, and was it a unanimous decision... It was just my Instagram name and I thought it reminded me of 'OK Computer' by Radiohead.

In the studio I usually... Come in with the song pretty much complete, but open to suggestion and experimentation.

I want it to sound pretty direct and not too produced; as long as the vocals sound nice I'm happy. I want it to sound like it's recorded in a shack out in the middle of nowhere because it is.

If I could tour with anyone... Someone nice and genuine. I've been performing and touring since I was 13, so when you get on and have a good connection with other bands and artists when on tour, it goes a long way. But Ziggy Alberts, Kyle Lionart or Garrett Kato would be good.

Social media is... Weird but necessary in this day and age from a business point of view. I'd like to tune out more though. It's great in other ways, but very consuming and distracting.

My favourite app at the moment is... 'Call Of Duty'. I just found out it's on phones, so it's pretty awesome.

To date, my most embarrassing moment was the time... My life is a collection of embarrassing moments; vomiting on a school field trip in front of the whole school comes to mind.

Life on the road can be... Exciting; missing so much right now in lockdown.

If you'll have me on your bill, all I ask is that our rider contains... Vegetarian food, whiskey and a signed picture of Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves from 'Point Break'.

The most scary scenario I've found myself in, was... Driving down the 'Death Road' in Bolivia at night with fog everywhere.

What celebrity/ famous person would you love to be spokesperson of the band? Liam Gallagher, he's a larf.

Three people you'd like to invite around for a dinner party? My band mates from WHARVES, because we have fun together and I miss them at the moment.

If we were coming over to your place, what would you cook us? I make a MEAN satay curry.

No matter the expense, send me a case of... Whiskey.

The last time I saw the inside of a gym was... March, but it's shut atm. I've been trying to keep fit during lockdown.

What's the one chore you dislike the most? Mopping, I feel like I do it wrong!

Do you have any phobias? Deep water. It's why I don't surf, but also the weird politics of surfing as well.

Would you ever partake in a reality show? 'Survivor'. I reckon I could start a fire with just rocks and twigs.

If you could prank any of your friends, who's your target, and how are you bringing them down? Scott, he's so easy to scare. Sometimes I do it on accident.  He nearly has a heart attack.



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