Introducing Brisbane Singer-Songwriter Jack Shannon

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Brisbane singer-songwriter, Jack Shannon's new single is titled 'Signs'. Brisbane singer-songwriter, Jack Shannon's new single is titled 'Signs'.

Last week, independent singer-songwriter Jack Shannon released his new single, 'Signs'.

The Brisbane musician explores alternative rock-pop melodies with his songs often infused with personal lyrics.

Shannon's influences include Arctic Monkeys and Catfish and the Bottlemen, the British rock angle evident in his own creations.

"'Signs' is probably the heaviest song I've put out so far, and it feels a lot darker than the rest," enthuses Jack, "but it's full of heartbreak and energy, I love it."

Who is Jack Shannon... I'm an independent artist based out of Brisbane. Growing up along the bayside, my sound is woven between both the coastline and city streets creating a unique identity in the Brisbane scene.

I sound like... Catfish and the Bottlemen, Josh Homme, Alex Turner.

My first gig was... In a small pub when I was 16. When things started to go well in 2018, we were booked for some shows in Brisbane's CBD that included venues such as Tomcat, The Met and Blackbear Lodge.

When did you settle on your artist name, and was it a unanimous decision... It's my name, so it was easy.

In the studio I usually... Have everything written and am ready to go full steam ahead. To complete the recordings of a song never takes me more than a couple hours all together.

If I could tour with anyone... I would love to tour with Catfish and the Bottlemen or the Foo Fighters; hard to pick between the two.

Social media is... A cool way to find new music and share sounds with the world, a super-easy way to connect that we can get lost in.

My favourite app at the moment is... Spotify. I'm on it 24/7 always listening to music.

To date, my most embarrassing moment was the time... When my guitar strap came undone mid set and I was awkwardly holding up my guitar for the rest of a set while my friend Bryce, who was photographing, tried to assist me.

Life on the road is... Full of McDonald's stops and ice cream.

If you'll have me on your bill, all I ask is that the rider contains... Nothing but the very best (VB of course).

The most scary scenario I've found myself in, was... Cliff jumping at a young age; ended up slamming against a rock and then I was lucky enough that a lifeguard on a jet ski came past and picked me up.

What celebrity/ famous person would you love to be spokesperson of the band... Robert Pattinson; not only are vampires awesome, but he's Batman!



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