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Brisbane vocal pop group MVP's newest single is titled 'Payphone'. Brisbane vocal pop group MVP's newest single is titled 'Payphone'.

Calling Brisbane home, MVP are a group of pop songstresses creating rich textures and lush harmonies using only their voices.

Pairing dreamy vocal layers with downtempo beats, the girls combine their voices with a line-up of loop stations, samplers and effects to create their own sound.

After releasing their debut EP in late 2019, MVP were announced as finalists in this year’s QUBE Effect programme, and are currently writing new music with a view to releasing their first studio album next year.

Last week, they released a new single 'Payphone', a slinky pop/ R&B track about the feeling of disconnection.

"'Payphone' dives into the idea of trying to get a hold of someone, but not being able to reach them (both physically or emotionally) – a concept that many of us can relate to this year," MVP says.

"It started out as just the hook: 'You only love me through the Payphone / I always call you but you're not home', and ended up finding it's way to each of us remotely, which actually isn't that different for us in terms of how we write.

"From there the next line we had down was in the first verse: 'Is it a question of bad reception, or could it be that we've just lost connection?' That line really got the ball rolling in terms of where the song flowed from there.

"When it comes to recording, our songs are built entirely out of our voices and the different sounds we can create vocally; we definitely had a fun time figuring out just how many different ways you can say and sing hmmms and ahhhhs."

Who is MVP? Hey. We're MVP. We're a band out of Brissie making/ singing pop music. We all met at uni singing in a choir together, and ended up loving performing and hanging together, so it just kind of stuck.

We sound like… We've got no clue, but we do love artists like Lorde, Kimbra, Vera Blue and Billie Eilish.

Our first gig was… Down in Melbourne at The Toff In Town in early 2019.

In the studio we usually… Have a solid combo of both mucking around involving ridiculous laughter at each other, and getting sh.t done.

If we could tour with anyone… Between the group, you'll get a variety of answers stemming from System Of A Down to Vera Blue, Harry Styles to Hiatus Kaiyote. It's weird man.

Social media is… A necessary evil, but it's also how we connect with everyone – we definitely wouldn't be doing what we're doing without having the ability of sharing our music so easily.

Our favourite app at the moment is… Laura's got like four Instagram accounts, and Moira is our resident Twitter meme-r.

To date our most embarrassing moment was the time… We got booked for a gig once where they wanted us to wear matching outfits and 'be more cute'. . . let's not go there!

Life on the road can be… Currently non-existent, but we've always ended up going specifically to Melbourne and it's been some of the funniest moments we've had together.

If you'll have us on your bill, all we ask is that our rider contains… Potatoes of any kind. We believe that potatoes are a major food group; we'll take it in any form. But also, we once got called Pop Princesses at a gig and I mean, it's cute. . . we wouldn't say no to it again! Haha.

The most scary scenario we’ve found ourselves in was… Having the sound go horribly wrong in the middle of a gig. We're a pretty unique band to mix (being all vocals/ no instruments), and there's been a few moments that haven't gone so good.

There was one particular time at our EP launch where we had the loop station start feeding back in the middle of our most emotional song. We somehow managed to pull off one of our most loop-heavy (at the time) songs without the loop to cover it. That was. . . fun.

Three people you'd like to invite around for a dinner party… Knowing us, you'd get a wild mix like Lady Gaga, Lin Manuel Miranda and like, Taylor Swift (but they'd also bring in their handbags System Of A Down or Lorde).

Lady Gaga would bring the party factor, Lin Manuel Miranda would probably solve all of the world's problems for us, and Taylor Swift, well, let's be real, Laura will just be fan-girling over her the whole time.

If we were coming over to your place, what would you cook us? Our MVP dinner nights seem to end up being a BBQ feast, but also Alex's partner Zac usually just ends up cooking a good feed for us (sorry Zac).

No matter the expense, send me a case of… Wine and gin, but also a billion dollars.

What's the one chore you dislike the most? To quote Moira, D U S T I N G!

Do you have any phobias… please explain? Between the band, you'll get anything from birds, spiders, snakes and frogs, but the one that takes the cake is Allie's very specific fear of wet hands touching dry objects, particularly marshmallows – we'll let that one sink in.

If you could prank any of your friends, who's your target, and how are you bringing them down? Coincidentally, Allie said she'd prank Laura by using Taylor Swift as her bait; and then Laura said she'd get rid of all of Allie's Dr. Martens and replace her wardrobe with hers – it's a loving, family dynamic here at MVP!



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