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Rally is an 'alternative lifestyle' artist residing in Fremantle, WA. Rally is an 'alternative lifestyle' artist residing in Fremantle, WA.

Currently living in Fremantle, Rally's sound reflects the laid-back coastal lifestyle and WA's eclectic influences.

The vibes are thick and jaunty as Rally conjures a rocksteady lust for life over big grooves and lo-fi textures.

He released his debut official single 'Tame' in April, which was produced by up-and-coming Californian producer pilotkid, and mixed and mastered by Perth locals Rubix of KRAYOLA. "I'm trying to make the soundtrack for what me and my friends are doing," Rally says.

"There are a lot of sad or dark songs blowing up in hip hop; I get why that is but it's not me. I trust my first impressions and run with those feelings and sounds; the chorus and a lot of each of the verses came out of just freestyling and building off of those melodies."

Who is Rally? I'm just a dude in my 20s that grew up and around Fremantle, WA.

I sound like? I don't know, a lot of things I guess. How 'bout you head over to my Soundcloud and tell me.

My first gig? I've had a few band performances back in high school just doing covers with mates for talent show type of things.

My first show, playing my own music was this year. I managed to get in just before the lockdowns happened. I performed at Badlands Bar in Perth, as part of a Goonie Records showcase night. Yea ya boy did the damn thing, that's for sure. It was a lot of fun, but also about damn time too.

So glad we got in before everything. I think I would have been anxious with anticipation if we hadn't. I'm feeling more than confident for when things open back up.

When did I settle on my artist name? Not too long ago actually. Names have always been hard for me since I have a super-long last name and no nicknames have really ever stuck for me. I think my name really suits me. Rally came out of nowhere.

I had a few influences when deciding on a name. I always thought a name like Action Bronson was boss. Like calling yourself Action or just something with so many connotations like that and then to flip it and just used as a name, I think is really dope.

Rally came to me out of the blue one day when I was walking my dog and it fit that idea I always had in the back of my head. Rally like the cars, rally the troops whatever else. I like the throw myself headfirst into situations and I think it's important to be uplifting for the people around you.

I dunno, I thought it summed me up well, at least for the time being. At the same time I will always just be Jesse to the people around me, so I think it's important to keep that or at least a stylised version of that present on my socials etc.

Names are important, but at the same time I'm just focussing on the music right now; who knows what I'm feeling down the line. It's chill.

In the studio I usually... For the most part, I'm just recording in my room at home. It comes in bursts.

I'll normally start five songs at once. I find something that inspires me and then I'll just go for it. All of my songs start from me freestyling; I listen back, keep what works then freestyle again.

The rest of my process is like a jigsaw puzzle, putting together the grooves and pieces until I understand what the song wants to be, what melodies work, what bars are hitting etc.

I try to keep in as much of my initial recordings as possible. The hook on 'Tame' that you hear now is actually my first ever take of it. I did try to go back and re-record it, so it was clearer but I dunno, there's just something magic about that initial take. It felt way more natural, so I put it back in. It is what it is.

At the moment though, I have been going to Yung Goon's home studio. I have a few songs I'm working on with him and Lavelle, so it's been great to finally have people to bounce off of. Lavelle just dropped his single 'BIG BEN', too so make sure to check him out.

If I could tour with anyone? There's so many artists that come to mind, but right now I'm cool with where we're at. I want to tour with the Goonies boys once everything opens back up and debut all this new music we have been collaborating on. Obviously bring my boys along for the ride too.

Will say though that I really want to have my music played by a live band some day. I'm going to make sure that happens, but yea for the sake of name dropping someone I will say I have been feeling Winston Surfshirt a lot lately. That could make for some great live shows.

Social Media is... Before I was dropping music I didn't mind it, because I didn't have to think about what I'm posting. I wasn't trying to win anyone over or anything it was just like 'hey, here's a cool photo or a video of me and my mates around'. It was sweet.

Now I'm looking at it like this whole thing I have to get in to. It's like an instrument that I really, really don't feel like learning.

My favourite app at the moment is (why?)... Instagram man. I like being able to follow what I like or who is inspiring. I make sure to not follow too many people at the risk of being flooded with posts from everywhere about nothing. Sorry, but even if you are my friend. If all you post about is basic stuff like how you looked over the weekend, I'm not gonna be about it. It's all love though, we'll still have Facebook.

The most scary scenario I've found myself in, was... Think everyone has their share of scary stories or unexplainable things happen to them. Same with being embarrassed, I don't really dwell on them for long.

What celebrity/ famous person would you love to be spokesperson of the band... I don't want anyone speaking for me, so I'm cool on that.

If we were coming over to your place, what would you cook us? I love cooking. I definitely have a few of my own recipes under my belt, but I don't like the pressure of worrying about what people like and all that. I'm gonna cook you whatever I'm feeling that morning. You're gonna like it if I'm feeling it. Same goes for my music.

What's the one chore you dislike the most? I hate mopping. Get out of here with that crusty-ass water.

Do you have any phobias... please explain? No real phobias, but I like my house to be clean, especially my room and the kitchen. You see those articles where studies show that smart people tend to have messy and unorganised rooms. Like get out of here man, just clean ya room.

Would you ever partake in a reality show? Only if it's so far beyond cringy to where I can just be out to lunch, straight chilling. Catch me in the hot tub drinking all the champagne in season 2 of 'Too Hot To Handle'.



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