Introducing Americana, Alt Country Singer-Songwriter Katie Brianna

Katie Brianna is a Sydney-based Americana singer-songwriter. Katie Brianna is a Sydney-based Americana singer-songwriter.

A Golden Guitar nominee, earlier this year Katie Brianna released her third album of delightful Americana and alt. country ballads titled 'This Way Or Some Other'.

Produced by label mate Adam Young (The Daisygrinders and Big Heavy Stuff) who formed a band featuring himself and session players who've played with the likes of The Cruel Sea, the Clouds and Front End Loader.

"When it came time to make this album, I was old enough, tired, rejected and weathered enough that I felt like I could just do whatever the f... I wanted," Katie says.

"We went in with the aim of keeping it raw. My vocals on this album are not perfect, they're not tuned. I let myself feel them without worrying about the flaws or having to dial back my character.

"The songs are very personal, often about myself, sometimes about people close to me.

"What makes this album different is that I think it's the beginning of me realising I don't really care or that I don't have to care so much about what I think others might expect from me.

"I love all (almost) genres of music and the things that I listen to would probably surprise most people who know me from the country industry, even those from the Americana/ alt-country world.

"It wasn't really my idea to make this record with Adam, but I'm glad I did. We've collaborated on record before, so I knew if there were going to be any differences of opinion, I was comfortable enough to argue my point.

"That wasn't often the case though. Same page, and all that sh.t. I'm getting more and more excited every day to now release and share these songs."

Who is Katie Brianna? Sydney-based Americana singer-songwriter.

I sound like... Misery and heartbreak, with a side of jangly guitars.

My first gig was... A long time ago. I don't think I even remember. I did get my start in the local country music clubs up in Newcastle though, so maybe that counts?

When did you settle on the group's name, and was it a unanimous decision... No, me and all of my personalities agonised over it for ages. Actually we still do.

In the studio I usually... Record in no pants or bra and nap as much as possible.

If I could tour with anyone... It'd be nice to just tour, but touring with friends is the the funnest.

Social media is... Exhausting.

My favourite app at the moment is... SkyView. You can explore the universe and see where all the stars and planets are in the sky at any one time. In Sydney you can't really see the stars, so it's the closest I can get.


To date, my most embarrassing moment was the time... I don't really get embarrassed anymore, I have no shame. Any embarrassing moments I would have long ago erased from my brain.

Life on the road can be... Lonely and hard on your arms as a packhorse, but being able to get out and visit old friends and meet new ones is pretty cool.

If you'll have me on your bill, all I ask is that my rider contains... Pretty boring really. Wine and beer, and whatever else is going. Don't give me Chardonnay though.

The most scary scenario I've found myself in, was... I've been in some hectic weather situations. Minor floods and crazy winds, trees down right next to me while holding on to the tent. Mother Nature is all powerful.

What celebrity/ famous person would you love to be your spokesperson... Not big on celebrity really, but it would be cool to get my music into the ears of all the musicians I admire.

If you had to live in a city abroad, where would you choose and why? New Orleans. City of free flowing music, booze and good times. The people are what really makes it special though, and there's just this 'feeling' about it. You have to go there.

Three people you'd like to invite around for a dinner party... My mum and dad and my husband, my whole family really. Family is the most important and I'm lucky I love mine.

If we were coming over to your place, what would you cook us? Do I have to? I could order us something. Probably some Chinese food.

When it comes to pets are you a lover or hater of our furry friends? BIG LOVER. Though I don't have space for any right now :( As soon as I can, I would adopt a dog.

No matter the expense, send me a case of... Lagavulin.

The last time I saw the inside of a gym was... When I recorded my clip for 'Running Disaster'. Before that? Hmm... I did just compete around 70km of the Larapinta Trail to raise money for The Black Dog Institute. It was magical and torturous.

What's the one chore you dislike the most? All of the chores, but perhaps washing up the most. It's gross. Worse than cleaning the toilet.

Do you have any phobias? Moths. Scary little freaks flying all over the place with seemingly no aim or purpose.

Would you ever partake in a reality show? 'Survivor'. I'd love to test myself in that way. But it would be better without the cameras.

If you could prank any of your friends, who's your target, and how are you bringing them down? I don't wanna hurt anyone.

Best local takeaway joint for a 2am feed that will leave you with a food coma? I would honestly take anything that was open at 2am.

Which fictional character best describes your personality? Homer Simpson. Because donuts.

Last show you binge-watched (and what kept you glued to the screen)? I watch all kinds of shows, I'm not fussy. I'm not good at picking favourites, but currently watching 'The 100' and just started 'Tales From The Loop'. I love sci-fi and dystopian stuff; end of the world and all that. Anything that reminds me of a better place.

Katie Brianna 2021 Tour Dates

Wed 2 Jun - Midnight Special (Sydney)
Fri 4 Jun - Croydon Lane Wine & Tapas Bar @ Cronulla Jazz and Blues Festival (Sydney)
Sat 19 Jun - Stag & Hunter (Newcastle)
1-3 Oct - Dashville Skyline (Hunter Valley)



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