Indie Musician Catherine Meeson Embraces The Call Of Oma

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Melbourne musician Catherine Meeson has released a new album, titled 'The Call Of Oma'. Melbourne musician Catherine Meeson has released a new album, titled 'The Call Of Oma'.

Catherine Meeson is a self-produced, independent singer-songwriter, composer and performance artist, who embraces the art of film and techno bardism to augment the core messages of her work.

These themes include environmental, spirituality, mythology, relationship, the divine feminine, ethics and existential matters. These larger themes permeate her body of creative work.

Catherine's new, independently released album 'The Call Of Oma' is available now.

What is the 'Song Of Life'?
The ‘Song Of Life’ is a process of billions of years of evolution; successive ages of creation and destruction, where each part of the greater whole has its own sonic, a role to play to support the whole, just like an orchestra.

What is ecocide?
Ecocide is a high crime along the lines of genocide, so that crimes against ecosystems would become law. 'The Call Of Oma' is a creative way of exploring relationships between people and the planet, while advocating for ecocide law.

Why did you decide to write a concept album?
Concept albums are ways of communicating related content, as part of a more unified sonic journey, a type of musical movie. People have always said my work is very cinematic, so I deliberately challenged myself to see if I could pull it off.

What else inspired the album?
A fellow named Graham Hancock who writes on the theme of alternative timelines of human history citing science, ancient spiritual sources, stories and archaeology. He is not the only voice calling for a re-writing of human history, due to cutting-edge archaeological findings.

What role does mythology play in understanding our place in the greater scheme of things?
All cultures throughout time have myths and legends of previous eras of human civilisation that were wiped out. Science is starting to catch up, unearthing the past. Myths and megaliths are what has come down to us; weaving a central mythology allowed me to communicate a lot of these ideas.

'The Call Of Oma' is available now. Catherine Meeson launches the album at Lentil As Anything (Melbourne) 11 January.



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