Indie Band Fragile Animals Enjoy Serving Their Own Brand Of Shoegaze

  • Written by  Gyan Rocha
  • Thursday, 18 April 2019 15:05
Sunshine Coast band Fragile Animals play Solbar's 8th birthday celebrations this Sunday (21 April). Sunshine Coast band Fragile Animals play Solbar's 8th birthday celebrations this Sunday (21 April).

Fragile Animals give a pulsing sense of being too shy to grab the love that’s in front of you with their recent EP 'Only Shallow//Only More'.

It's mesmerising to watch a young band start to hit their stride, and Fragile Animals are re-defining what noise means within the context of pop songwriting.

The trio of Victoria Jenkins, Daniel Parkinson and Kyle Shipton form the Sunshine Coast-based three-piece who, with two EPs between them, have quickly established a name for themselves.

With their brand of bittersweet, shoegaze and indie rock, Victoria discusses how the creative process for 'Only Shallow//Only More' differed from their debut EP.

“The first time around, we hadn't been a band for very long and we'd never worked with Elliot [Helnrich - Ayla, High Tropics] as our producer.

“I guess we were a little bit nervous and conservative; second time around we'd had that experience, we had done a tour together and written songs that brought more confidence and freedom going into the second EP.”

This Sunday (21 April), the band will play a special acoustic set as part of Sunshine Coast venue Solbar’s eighth birthday celebrations. “[It's] quite possibly, our biggest birthday banger yet,” muses Victoria.

The group, who won the Unearthed slot at Big Pineapple Music Festival last year, bring a swag of influences to the music they create. “Over the period that it takes to write all the songs, there is a fair bit of stuff that we listen to,” Victoria says.

“We have a love for shoegaze; we listen to bands like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, which a little bit of that comes through.

“But we are huge fans of pop and indie music, artists like Wolf Alice, Billie Eilish and really any cool songs – we don’t really have specific styles.”

Drawing comparisons to Tired Lion and Middle Kids, the collective bottle together slow-burning choruses and intricate guitar melodies accompanied by hooky vocal melodies.

With their bright and breezy video clip for 'Landing' released last year (September), the trio last month unveiled another clip for 'Come Down'.

“The one for 'Landing' became a part one, as a bit of a trilogy, and then this next one ‘Come Down’ follows on from that with Sharnee [Tones] who was the actress in ['Landing'] continuing the story.

“We haven’t shot it yet, but there is a part three on the way... I think it’s going to be for ‘Melbourne’ just because we like the idea of it being for that song.”

Fragile Animals 2019 Tour Dates

Sun 21 Apr - Solbar (Sunshine Coast)
Thu 2 May - The Foundry (Brisbane)
Sun 5 May - Surfers Paradise Live (Gold Coast)
Sat 18 May - Botany View Hotel (Sydney)



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