In Hearts Wake Need Your Help Planting A Forest Of New Trees

In Hearts Wake have pledged to plant a tree for every 1,000 views of their new music video, 'Worldwide Suicide'.
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Byron Bay's In Hearts Wake have pledged to plant a new tree for every 1,000 views they attract for their new music video, 'Worldwide Suicide'.

With this being the first new music from the metalcore group in three years, In Hearts Wake have routinely addressed eco and social injustices while always championing to protect the planet.

With a message of "ecocide is suicide", 'Worldwide Suicide' is their most direct and impassioned statement yet. "The Antarctic has reached an all-time high temperature of 20.7°C," the group's vocalist, Jake Taylor says.

"The Australian bushfires have burned over twelve million hectares of land, killing over one billion animals. The Climate Crisis is pounding on our door and we need to take action while there is still a window to turn it around.

"It's time for profound, systemic change as­ individuals and as a community."

The video for 'Worldwide Suicide' depicts a house on fire. Each room represents an ecosystem, in which a human from every stage of life is under serious threat. "We are aware that the 'Worldwide Suicide' video is confrontational. We created this not to shock or cause despair, but to incite positive action," Taylor says.

"In the spirit of this, the band has committed to plant 1 tree for every 1,000 views, restoring part of a vital ecosystem with the hope that every viewer and their descendants will one day enjoy its benefits.

"Music is both our art and our platform. I feel we have a responsibility as artists to challenge the status quo. What challenges us has the potential to create change. If we can change, then we can evolve."

At the time of publishing this article, the track was sitting at 110,000-plus views (that's 110 trees so far).

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