Hot Mulligan Are Flipping Out To Make Their Australian Live Debut In 2024

Hot Mulligan tour Australia March 2024.
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Michigan Midwesterners Hot Mulligan will tag-team with Nashville natives Free Throw next March for an emo-alternative double bill down under.

A group of college friends who first formed in 2014, Hot Mulligan have built a solid following with their emo-brand of pop-punk as well as a cheeky flair that has seen them name drop Michelle Branch and Mark Hoppus into Hot Mulligan song titles.

In the lead up to next year's tour – which rolls through Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Wollongong, Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane – Hot Mulligan's vocalist Tades Sanville and rhythm guitarist Chris Freeman chat about things to come.

Their recently released full-length album, 'Why Would I Watch', is a masterful display of refined and fulfilling songwriting, as well as a great example of the second-wave emo sound coming out of the US, commonly coined Midwest emo or post emo.

Birthed wholly in the studio with friend and producer Brett Romnes (Mom Jeans, Boston Manor), Freeman says 'Why Would I Watch' feels almost like a sequel to 2020's 'You'll Be Fine'.

'Why Would I Watch' is Hot Mulligan at their best – full of energy and angst, boasting beautiful guitars and gritty vocals, the release has heralded overwhelmingly positive press coverage, a sold-out US tour and Spotify streams pushing close to one million monthly listeners.

For those unfamiliar with Hot Mulligan and the post-emo genre at large, it can be common practice to really switch up the conventional naming of tracks. For instance, 'Why Would I Watch' closing track 'John The Rock Cena, Can You Smell What The Undertaker?' was a result of drummer Brandon Blakely attempting to cram as many wrestlers names into one title.

When asked what John Cena or Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson might be smelling: "Ass and groin!" Tades laughs. "I flip around a lot, I'm still really excited on 'This Song Is Called It's Called What's It Called'," adds Freeman.

Tades explains further how sometimes the best naming conventions can come from calling out other people – see 'Featuring Mark Hoppus' and 'All You Wanted By Michelle Branch'.

Riding with their infectious emo-rock sound, Hot Mulligan are bringing Nashville five-piece Free Throw with them to Australia – a band the HM boys now call friends.

"Free Throw were a band we all grew up on and drew inspiration from, but they were one of the first bands me and Tades connected over," Freeman says. "Having toured with them before it's kind of like, 'Oh sh.t, the gang's back together'."

"Touring with Free Throw over in Australia's going to be like hopping back in the saddle and I'm really excited for that," adds Tades. With supports yet to be announced, multiple bands from around the country have been taking to social media threads petitioning for these slots.

When asked what Australian bands Hot Mulligan like, the list included Melbourne natives Ceres, Between You And Me and daine. One could speculate (or hope) any one of these acts could make an appearance on this tour.

"Ceres have put out one of my favourite records of all time, I love that band," Freeman praises the Melbourne/ Naarm outfit.

Set to visit most major cities around the country, the band expressed excitement about landing and playing in Perth – a city commonly overlooked by international acts.

Unlike Freeman's excitement to play in a place not too many make it to play, as well as seeing the various landscapes down under has to offer, Tades is very keen to meet the man who punched a kangaroo to save his dog – an unlikely star from a recent viral video still painting the Australian image.

"I'd just like to ask him like how did that go? How did it work out for you," Tades says. "I don't know how many mammals could put me in a headlock, but [Australia] has one big one that's really angry all the time."

"I don't think there's a single animal [in America] that would you throw a punch at," Freeman chimes in. "The fact you can throw one back is absurd," he laughs.

With multiple tour dates now sold out, the cult favourites are looking forward to hitting the Australian stage; pumped to see some wild crowds and some club show energy.

"I hope Australians do the thing where they sing the guitar parts, I like watching Spice [guitarist Ryan Malicsi] get a big smile when [the crowd] sing his parts back to him," Freeman says. "Or I hope we hear some wacky chants we don't know about."

Adds Tades: "I've already done a lot of shoeys, I'm experienced and I'm good at them," Tades says confidently, "it's not for them, it's for me."

Leaving some parting words for their Australian audience, Hot Mulligan set the tone perfectly for next March. "Get ready and go buck wild," Freeman says, with Tades adding: "Do a flip!"

Hot Mulligan & Free Throw 2024 Tour Dates

Wed 28 Feb - Croxton Bandroom (Melbourne)
Fri 1 Mar - Lynott's Lounge (Perth)
* sold out
Sat 2 Mar - Uni Bar (Adelaide)
Sun 3 Mar - The Corner Hotel (Melbourne)* sold out
Wed 6 Mar - Dicey Rileys (Wollongong)
Thu 7 Mar - The Factory Theatre (Sydney)
Fri 8 Mar - Hamilton Station Hotel (Newcastle)
Sat 9 Mar - The Princess Theatre (Brisbane)

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