Horror My Friend 2019 UK & European Tour Diary

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Horror My Friend toured the UK and Europe April-May 2019. Horror My Friend toured the UK and Europe April-May 2019. Image © Morgan Sette

"Hey! My name's Tom and I'm one-third of Horror My Friend.

"I will now take you on a wild visual and textual ride through our recent times in the UK and Europe, playing shows and playing magic.

"All the shots here are taken by our good friend Morgan Sette; she’s an amazing photographer/ videographer and she came along for the ride from Paris onwards.

"For context, we were over there playing songs that we wrote ourselves at Groezrock in Belgium, on tour with Kingswood in Berlin, Hamburg, Birmingham and London, and at Live at Leeds, Hit the North and The Great Escape all over the UK."

London #1 | Belgium

We landed in London, went to Rough Trade and went and had some pizza and some beer to fight the jet lag. Then we went to Belgium to play Groezrock, a wild heavy music festival – it was great; we were looked after very well and we got to see The Bronx and Defeater.

Paris | Versailles | Valenciennes

Originally, we were supposed to be playing a show in Paris, but the venue got shut down just weeks beforehand. We already had accom booked, so we went and had a good time.


Hamburg | Berlin

These two shows in Germany were our first two on tour with Kingswood. Unfortunately we spent very little time in each city as we had to drive a lot. Got to go on the Autobahn though, wahoo!



We drove for 16 hours in 1 day to get to Leeds from Berlin AND took a 2-hour ferry. Also, it’s cold AF. The place is nice and the show was great. Here’s one of Sam doing parkour badly.



Although this was one of the smallest shows of the tour, it was one of our favourites – the people were so welcoming. It was cold aAF though. I talked to the crowd about hot English mustard for ages and then two guys bought us pizza, under the provision that we eat it with hot English mustard.


Also this is Morg.


London #2

This was a great show and our last with Kingswood. Pretty much the whole line-up was Australian, pretty much the whole crowd was Australian.

Click here for more photos from Horror My Friend's tour.

Check out the second photo for Josh's tech skills. His guitar was f...ing up the whole tour and he fixed it on the road, with very few materials – smart boy.


Brighton | The Great Escape

One of the best experiences of our lives; a great time, lots of rocks.


London #3 | Aussie BBQ

This was an unbelievable time and great time with so many great bands. These New South Wales, Nice Biscuit, A Swayze and the Ghosts, Tropical F...storm and us. They had Coopers at the bar. Then we went home.




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