HIM's Ville Valo Returns To Australia Promising Authentic & Enigmatic Performances

Ville Valo tours Australia March 2024.
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Ville Valo returns to Australia next month, pledging captivating performances brimming with enigmatic moments and raw emotion.

After transitioning from touring with his band HIM to embarking on a solo journey, Ville makes a long-awaited comeback to Australia after more than a decade.

"It truly does feel like a global tour, if you can make Australia a part of it, and we're also super happy to play New Zealand, only been to Auckland once. So that's quite amazing."

Dubbing himself a "whimsical realist," Valo's music emanates from his affection for the enigmatic and somber, intertwined with melancholy, nostalgia, and beauty. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, his lyrics emphasise the significance of remaining receptive like a sponge in one's daily existence.

"The yin and yang aspect is such an important part, both musically and lyrically," he says. "Most of the songs I wrote, they're very, they're sort of like Shakespearean love songs, more or less. They're about the right to exist and love being an important one.

"So you're responsive and you keep your ears open and your eyes open because words are like keys. They unlock ideas and they unlock streams of thought, and the words that can work as keys might be headlines from a newspaper or you hear people talking at the bus stop and you can't help but hear a couple of sentences here and there. Not that I would be doing that much, but nevertheless."

The Finnish artist cherishes the freedom of selecting English as the language for his songs. This choice allows him to transcend boundaries and enjoy heightened creative liberty, especially considering English is not his native tongue.

"I'm not directing people, claiming that it's my way or the highway, how you're supposed to enjoy my music or music or lyrics or whatever in general. You know, it can be so many things, and I know it because I'm a fan of many things. That's the beauty of arts in general, that you can find yourself in places that you didn't know they existed."

Reflecting on his time in a band, Ville expresses a fondness for the responsibility of making artistic decisions, even if it means shouldering the blame when they don't pan out as expected.

"It just makes everything way simpler as opposed to trying to point out who messed up this time around. You know, that's a worthless game and I like to be able to admit my mistakes and well, they're not necessarily so much about mistakes, but maybe it comes with age."

From meticulously steaming his suit to indulging in a pre-show bath, Ville spares no effort in ensuring he's fully prepared for the performance ahead.

"There's very few backstages in the world or dressing room areas in the world that would have a jacuzzi, but it's not very private. Usually, they're more meant for the '80s hair metal sort of parties, which I'm not too into these days anymore."

Describing his new album as a transitional phase and a natural evolution from his past musical ventures, Ville Valo reveals his intention to mix performances of new and old songs. This decision aims to cater to both his long-time supporters, offering something familiar, and his newfound fans who have recently embraced his work.

"Authenticity and staying true to yourself is the only thing we have. You know, that's the only thing you have in life."

Ville Valo 2024 Tour Dates

Fri 15 Mar - Northcote Theatre (Melbourne)
Sat 16 Mar - Metro Theatre (Sydney)
Sun 17 Mar - The Tivoli (Brisbane)

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