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With their debut album just released, the atmospheric harmonies of High Highs are about to embark on their first Australian tour.

Sydney-born Jack Milas and Oli Chang’s sound has been likened to Nick Drake and Boards Of Canada, with their Open Season lulling listeners into a dream-like state. “We didn’t want to think too much about how it would be perceived,” Jack explains, “we just made the music that came out and recorded what came out. It’s very honest in that sense. For a while I had it in my mind what songs I thought would be on there, but that changed a lot.

“The initial idea for Open Season started just as I was leaving for New York, so in that sense the record really sums up what we’ve been up to in the last four years.”

Open Season's soft, sincere tracks evoke a wide variety of reactions from listeners. “People seem to be able to relate to the record no matter where they’re at in their lives, and that’s an awesome thing,” Jack says. “If people take something from it then they can attach it to an experience they’re having in their lives and that’s all we could ever ask for. People get a lot of different things out of it.”

“It’s a weird thing because I’m holding a copy in my hand and I’m looking at it. It’s the first time I’ve seen it, and to look at the finished product is a pretty awesome feeling. It’s a weird feeling.”

As well as playing shows in Sydney and Melbourne, High Highs will join the east coast leg of this year’s Laneway Festival. “We’ve never really been to Australia as a band. This is our first Aussie tour, which is awesome. It will be our first time to Brisbane as a band, which will be great.

“The [Laneway] line-up is really awesome. I want to see Flume, I’ve heard his record and I really like it. I heard he’s really big over here so I’ll check that out. Shlohmo have that LA thing going on, which I’m pretty in to, so Shlohmo would be cool. I’ve seen him a couple of times in New York and he’s pretty rad.”

Open Season is out now.

High Highs Australian dates:

Wed Jan 30 — The Toff In Town (MEL)
Thu Jan 31 — Oxford Art Factory (SYD)
Fri Feb 01 — Laneway Festival (BRI)
Sat Feb 02 — Laneway Festival (SYD)
Sun Feb 03 — Laneway Festival (MEL)

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