Hellions Sydney Review @ The Metro Theatre

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  • Monday, 20 May 2019 15:07
Hellions played The Metro Theatre (Sydney) 17 May, 2019. Hellions played The Metro Theatre (Sydney) 17 May, 2019. Image © Ashley Mar

There is no party quite like a Hellions party!

What better way to round off their national tour in support of their album 'Rue' than with an explosive home show.

Nu-metal and pop-rock rhythms ran rife at The Metro Theatre (17 May), a near sold-out show that boasted sweat and smiles plus exhilarating, powerful, fun – a gluttonous feast for the senses with everything that was going on; if you weren’t there, you truly missed out.

Before Hellions dominated the stage, label mates Yours Truly won over some hearts.

In the four months since their performance at UNIFY Gathering, Yours Truly have come on in leaps and bounds in their live performances. The pop-rock four–piece generate such an incredible brightness of both sound and attitude that you’re left impressed and in love.

Yours TrulyYours Truly - image © Ashley Mar

Frontwoman Mikaila Delgado wasted no time demonstrating how her already incredible pipes can now sustain some pretty high notes in near-perfect studio quality, as her bandmates bopped about the stage performing songs off their debut release, 'Afterglow', with an impressive and infectious energy – Yours Truly were clearly feeding off of each other’s happiness throughout the performance.

As impressive as Eat Your Heart Out’s debut album 'Florescence' is (and was released the same day they supported Hellions), the Newcastle outfit lack a cohesive presence on the live stage. It’s sad because their new album really does ooze all the punk-pop goodies you could ever ask for.

Eat Your Heart OutEat Your Heart Out - image © Ashley Mar

Not necessarily a disappointing performance, but a bit bland; one that left you hoping Eat Your Heart Out will one day soon project their full and true potential under the pearly lights.

Click here for more photos from the show.

Hellions. What a show!

It’s a spectacular sight to look down on the people in the pit and see hundreds of arms waving side to side in sync with ‘Mr Blueberry’. It’s a moment of hilarity when Hellions stop the set because someone’s gone too hard in the mosh pit, and a refreshing episode to see people still brave enough to crowd surf, over and over, and over again at a time when actually enjoying live music is a ceaseless subject of debate.

A feast for the senses, frontman Dre Faivre has got moves like Jagger, bopping through ‘XO’, ‘Smile’, and classic bangers off of 'Opera Oblivia' and 'Indian Summer'.

Hellions.2Hellions - image © Ashley Mar

This was a carnival, a true circus of lights, love, and laughter – there was more to experience in the roughly 75-minute set than you were capable of lapping up.

An endearing realisation bubbled to the surface through Hellions’ performance – as far as the live shows are concerned, none of these guys know how to sing but it doesn’t matter because the songs are sick!

If you didn’t leave The Metro breathless, then you didn’t work as hard at having a good time as Hellions did.



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