Hayden James Brisbane Review @ The Tivoli Theatre

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  • Wednesday, 21 August 2019 11:45
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Hayden James played The Tivoli Theatre (Brisbane) 16 August, 2019. Hayden James played The Tivoli Theatre (Brisbane) 16 August, 2019.

Ekka week brings all the exhibits to town – and don't you know songwriters and musicians are primary producers? Is turning electricity into music just like sunlight into corn?

Sydney's Hayden James has been cultivating this craft for a while now, and sure knows how to get these little wheatsheafs swaying in the breeze of his own device, on Friday night (16 August) at The Tivoli Theatre in Brisbane.

Pitch black at the beginning of his set, as atmospheric sounds and shapes and the light show guides us straight into the fresh but familiar territory of his 2014 hit 'Something About You'. . . It's got a comfortable 63-million streams on Spotify (58 million for the Odesza remix).

The show sounds how you expect it to sound from hearing Hayden’s released music - being the nature of the beast of electricity in tactile form - apart from the added texture of The Tivoli shaking with the bass. Tracks are built creatively; guest vocals add an extra dimension and moveable stage presence; and the vibe is light and fun.

Hayden James Tivoli 2019Image: Facebook

Visually, the experience is mesmerising courtesy of the vision of lighting director David Fairless. The effervescence traverses sideways, verti-ways [sic], loop-de-loop ways and like if that old-school 'Snake' game on Game Boy ever became multi-player. . . and neon.

“Brisbane I feel like we are just warmed up," Hayden says, a good-way through the set. “Let’s just keep the feeling.” Yep, we're keeping it.



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