Hard Rockers Electric State Unleash A Megaphone Named Janice On Modern Society

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Electric State's new album is titled 'Green Machine'. Electric State's new album is titled 'Green Machine'.

Since 2019, Electric State have been doing their utmost to floor the local heavy heads in their native Perth with their unabashedly hot and hard blend of rock and heavy metal.

The soundscape the WA outfit create on their forthcoming album, 'Green Machine' (released 29 January), throws massive nods in the direction of Killswitch Engage and Soundgarden.

The album's singles, particularly 'Fed By The Algorithm', take a candid look at the potential sources of all that is wrong with modern society.

"There's so much material out there online," the band's vocalist, Rob Viney says.

"Sometimes it's true, sometimes you don't know where it's come from; ['Fed By The Algorithm'] was written about this constant bombardment, and sometimes you just need to let it go."

The single's music video – a wiry, chaotic visual – sees its protagonist battling with the constant din of cyber activity. "It was definitely a 'turn off the digital devices and go and do something song'," Rob says.

"The creators of the clip, Passing Storm Productions; we were talking about the clip and wanted to make something really abrasive, really harsh, all this bombardment of the news and material, wanting to get that across in the clip.

"Don't let it fester," Rob adds. "Get out, go see some local bands, get away from the constant bombardment of online material because there's so much crap out there."

Pretty apt then that such a strong (and eye-opening) message will be delivered through a megaphone named Janice when Electric State launch the new album in late January with a home-town show.

Rob, A Megaphone Named Janice, and the rest of Electric State band intend to make the audience sit up and listen – and rock out too, of course.

"I try and keep her in check," Rob says about being Janice's handler, "but sometimes she lets a few sirens off, like she does in another track, 'Government'."

Before 'Government' lands as a single, Electric State will next release album track 'Mirror' – a rhetorical story that finds the band contemplating a self-love scenario, using the man in the mirror metaphor to discuss how sometimes you just need to bite the bullet even when you've bitten off more than you can chew.

"When you've got all this sh.t you really have to do but don't want to do, it's all about looking at yourself in the mirror and saying 'Just get off your butt and just f...ing do it!'"

As standalone entities, there's plenty to unpack in Electric State's singles lifted from 'Green Machine'; even as a volume of songs, the cohesive and carefully crafted structure of each track remains.

"The name 'Green Machine' is actually derived from a few different meanings," Rob begins. "Our drummer has a kit called Green Machine," he chuckles.

"Everything is like a machine these days – you're part of the system, a very small cog in a fast world, and sometimes we've got to make sure we drive things the right way.

"All of these things about society, about being lethargic, about sometimes being unable to do a lot, and all of songs being written on the Green Machine itself, we thought it was a good name for the album."

Electric State's delivery of these new songs at the launch show will see the band, Rob says, becoming quite boisterous. "With the help of Janice, I intend to use a lot of wireless equipment," Rob promises.

"We've got no delusions of grandeur; when you go to a gig, the audience is there to be entertained. Our job is to make sure everyone's getting into it.

"A lot of our songs have repeatable chants, so I do intend to go out to the crowd and get them singing along with us – Janice has a lot of friends too, so bring multiple megaphones along because we'll be inviting people to the stage."

Electric State launch 'Green Machine' at Amplifier Bar (Perth) 29 January.



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