Gurrumul Refused Taxi In Melbourne

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In shocking news, some Australians are still pretty racist.

Legendary Aboriginal singer Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu has been refused a taxi in St Kilda, for what his manager Mark Grose told 774 ABC Melbourne could only be racist reasons.

Grose says he went out and hailed a cab following a "fantastic show" by Gurrumul at the Palais Theatre, where he played with Missy Higgins. The taxi pulled up by the stage while Grose went in to get Gurrumul and his girlfriend Bronwyn.

"The taxi driver looked at him, said no, locked the car and drove off," Grose told the station. "He refused to take the fare."

Grose believes the only explanation is racism, because the taxi was waiting until Gurrumul and Bronwyn emerged from the theatre. Grose was unable to get the number of the taxi.

"I'm just absolutely gobsmacked by it," Grose said. "Like most Aborginal people that we work with they've experienced these things before and they're less shocked than we are. It's happened a couple of times in Sydney and it's happened in Darwin."

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