Government Refuses To Reconsider Perth BDO Curfew

Big Day Out
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West Australian environment minister Bill Marmion has refused to reconsider his decision on earlier start and finish times for the Perth Big Day Out.

FasterLouder reports that Marmion's decision to start and finish the festival earlier (the minister is at pains to point out that the actual length of the event hasn't been reduced) will result in at least one major act (speculated to be The Killers) being forced to abandon their light show and play in daylight.

Marmion's refusal to give in to the festival promoters' requests isn't surprising when you consider the town of Claremont had originally wanted to shut the event out altogether: "I don't want to see it back in Claremont," mayor Jock Barker told FasterLouder last year. "I was happy to see the back of it. It does nothing useful for the town."

Claremont councilor Peter Browne also opposed the festival's return, complaining in March that the event's benefits are "hopelessly outweighed by the intolerable noise, the late finish, the high level of criminal activity and general social misbehaviour in and outside of the grounds."

The Big Day Out rolls through Claremont Showgrounds on Monday January 28.

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