Goth Babe 2024 Australia Tour

Goth Babe tours Australia for the first time October-November 2024.
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With his debut album 'Lola' set to drop tomorrow, intrepid ocean traveller and indie music wizard, Goth Babe will tour Australia for the very first time in 2024.

The 'Weekend Friend' and 'Casita' hitmaker will headline concerts in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane from late October.

The moniker of Nashville native Griffin Washburn, it's been five-plus years since Goth Babe broke through with his enchanting single 'Sometimes', a journey that has seen him embrace a non-traditional lifestyle – including living in his car, a tiny house, and a camper van – that now sees him cruising the ocean in a yacht he named Lola.

The experiences collected along the way have informed the album version of 'Lola', bringing together inclusive moments of joy and unfettered freedom as well as loneliness and trauma, to pen a collection of songs bathed in shimmering sounds.

"There's so much beauty in the world, obviously balanced by a lot of pain and suffering," Griff says. "I would love if these songs allowed people, even just for a second, to escape the weight and heaviness of the world."

With three singles already released from 'Lola' – 'Backwards (feat. WATTS)', 'Bioluminescence' and 'Alone In The Mountains' – Goth Babe has also shared a short film putting his story (that includes 900 million streams globally) into context.

Directed by Ian Durkin, the mini documentary follows the making of his new album and offers an inside look into the artist behind Goth Babe (where you can also get to know his perpetual sidekick, his blue-eyed Australian Shepherd named Sadie).

Griff is currently aboard Lola the yacht, moored off the Mexican coastline. "I just checked Lola out of Mexico and I'm leaving this weekend for El Salvador! It's a 5 day, 500 mile sail from here to there which means my album will release while I'm off-shore sailing. The timing is amazing, ha!"

Tickets on sale from 10am EDT on 1 February.

Goth Babe 2024 Tour Dates

Tue 29 Oct - The Rechabite (Perth)
Thu 31 Oct - Enmore Theatre (Sydney)
Fri 1 Nov - Forum Melbourne
Sun 3 Nov - The Tivoli (Brisbane)

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