Fun Horoscopes For August Shared By Alt-Pop Artist st.James

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st.James' newest single is titled 'Aquarius'. st.James' newest single is titled 'Aquarius'.

A sultry, dark and immersive adventure lies in wait on 'Aquarius', the new single from alt-pop artist st.james.

'Aquarius' crawls and undulates with glossy production and immersive layers, with st.James effortlessly sweeping and skipping vocally amongst hip hop, electronic and alt-pop undertones.

"I listened to a lot of The Beatles when I was writing this, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band!

"I think I also subconsciously got the intensity of the vocals from listening to Halsey's 'If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power' album as well. But I wanted it to feel futuristic, with a little hint of some vintage energy."

After a stint on Netflix's 'Byron Baes' last year, st.James previous releases in 2022 were the optimistic, heartfelt tunes 'Liars' and 'Restless Life'.

Here, st.James has penned some fun, light-hearted horoscopes. What a darl!

Aquarius Jan 20-Feb 18

The Sun is in Cancer and your sixth house of health, which can only be interpreted in one way, this is your month, darling Aquarian! As you navigate your way through this month, remember your power. Dress up in your sexiest outfit, turn on Spotify and stream 'Aquarius' by st.James. This track was MADE FOR YOU, baby! 

Pisces Feb 19-Mar 20

Mercury and the Sun will mingle with Neptune around the middle of this month, and for you, darling Pisces that means finding your inner voice. Explore that by heading to your nearest karaoke bar. Around this time, Venus enters Cancer, signalling potential for romance! So kill two birds and throw on a duet on the karaoke machine, you can't go wrong with a Dolly/ Kenny, and watch what happens.

Aries Mar 21-April 19

The Cancer sun is throwing light onto your family and home life. Cleansing the home with some sage is the best way to bring some new life and new energy into your creative space. Treat yourself and look at purchasing some new art for yourself. Some big changes are coming your way and you might feel frustrated throughout this transition. Channel your anger into something creative, perhaps try taking a painting class, one of the ones with wine, of course!

Taurus April 20-May 20

This is a busy month for you, Taurus! The middle of this month sees Mercury and the sun connecting with Neptune, bringing inspiration and creativity. Now is the time to immerse yourself in something new! If you're feeling restless, go and see some live art. If you're still feeling restless, create some art. Whether it's painting or writing, express yourself in art form and life's challenges will find a way of falling away.

Gemini May 21-June 21

During this full moon, Venus makes a supportive connection with Saturn, signalling stability and connection but also opening you up for experimentation. It's now as good a time as any to book tickets to see a band, show or comedy act! But step outside the box and choose something you otherwise would never choose. You only live once, and now is the time to do it.

Cancer June 22-July 22

The Sun is currently in your sign, Cancer! At this time, you will find yourself celebrating life and creativity! Explore new music online or, if you're feeling adventurous, rummage through the vinyl collection at your local Vinnies for hidden treasure that may well inspire your next great artistic masterpiece. Mercury and the Sun mingle towards the end of this month, giving you the emotional range to explore your own self expression.

Leo July 23-Aug 22

It's Cancer season, and it's calling you to escape your everyday life. Explore your subconscious to find what your heart desires. This is the time to dive into something you never thought you could do. Register yourself for a poetry reading night and if public speaking is a challenging thing for you, now is the time to face your fears and use the strength you rely on in so many other aspects of life!

Virgo Aug 23-Sep 22

The Sun is shining its light on your friendship circle during Cancer season, dear Virgo. If you feel like you can't remember the last time you and your besties got lit in a bar and danced the night away, this is the time to do it. During this season you will be connecting with and reaffirming bonds with your friends. What better way to express your friendship than to go and see some live music, drink tequila shots and request 'Sweet Caroline' to the band until they give in and play it.

Libra Sep 23-Oct 23

With the sun entering Leo later this month, this is the time to reflect on your future, your dreams and goals and wishes. If you're feeling starved of creative energy, make moves to turn your side hustle into your full-time work. Never underestimate the power of some new music to inspire some positive changes you know you have been craving.

Scorpio Oct 24-Nov 21

Mercury opposes your ruling planet Pluto this season to bring hidden information to light. Stream 'Aquarius', paying close attention to the lyrics to grasp a better understanding of what is ahead of you! The end of the month sees you being recognised in your workplace for your achievements, don't let the moment pass you by without celebrating. Treat yourself and take a dance class, the endorphins will be the best gift you can give yourself!

Sagittarius Nov 22-Dec 21

You share a sign with st.James, which makes you a winner, and an incredible human. This season sees a huge focus around money. And things are looking good! Music festivals are a great way to celebrate, without blowing the budget. Share some new music with your friends and encourage them to add it to their rotation on Spotify. Streaming 'Aquarius' is the best way to bring good fortune into your month, Sagi!

Capricorn Dec 22-Jan 19

The Cancer season sees some intense changes in your personal life, but they are not to be feared. You find yourself needing to declutter your space, and wardrobe. This also means replenishing it so don't feel bad about purchasing new outfits around this season. This winter's fashion is calling you, and with your new, decluttered and frame of mind, will come exciting opportunities.



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