Full Tote Odds: Betting On Themselves

Full Tote Odds
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After three years of hard work, Full Tote Odds have released their debut LP, Place Your Bets. Beat maker Eslev explains their gamble.

It seems that ever since Hilltop Hoods exploded onto the scene, there's been something in the water in Adelaide. Full Tote Odds were part of the Blackwood High alumni with the celebrated Hoods. "The culture was ingrained in us,” Eslev says. “When we went to parties, it was all that people listened to. With role models like that, you strive to be as good as you can."

The five piece hail from different musical backgrounds and projects, but came together to take a chance with Full Tote Odds. According to Eslev, “since we're all getting on a bit now, we figured it was our last chance!”

The collective have dedicated years to the making of Place Your Bets, and the payoff is evident in their refreshing, soulful sound. "We had a plan from the start, which was to produce the best quality music we could," reveals Eslev. "We had an album finished and we just didn't think it was up to scratch, so we started again. We ended up having around 30 tracks and we chose the best 13. I guess we're pretty fussy."

A massive investment in a project that wasn't guaranteed success. Elsev says the group's name also reflects their attitude. "We love a punt and we're big RSL fans. It sort of sums up the project, we just put so much into it. We've spent thousands of hours on production and rehearsing and we knew it was going to be a massive gamble."

And so far, it's a winning bet — the video for their latest single 'Adrenaline' has been accumulating buzz. Eslev describes his '60s concept as "paying homage to the era."

"The sample we originally used in that track is from the '60s. I pitched it like, 'If we do this it has to be as authentic as possible.' Even all the props were completely authentic, from the mics to the apparel we were wearing. Our parents and the older generation appreciate it more, we've had a lot of feedback from the elderly saying how much they love it. That's a pretty good feeling, when you hear someone over the age of 60 appreciating a new style."

Place Your Bets is out now.

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